Renewable Energy – Seeing Green? I See Red

January 26, 2016 AD

Credit: Townhall Columnist H. Sterling Burnett | Jan 25, 2016
Credit: Townhall Columnist H. Sterling Burnett | Jan 25, 2016
“Save the planet!”, scream the believers. Call them what you will, whether ‘Global Warming Alarmists’ or ‘Climate Change Alarmists’, theirs is the religion that worships Mother Earth where man is bad for her (except for the true believers).
God created the earth and the fullness thereof for our collective benefit. Here in our country, we have abundant energy, farmland, water resources and minerals to live wholly independently of the rest of the world, but those true believers, empowered by Pope Obama and High Priest Al Gore, are rapidly disemboweling our nation’s ability to stand alone.
Energy. It’s the singular material factor that enables us to freely manufacture, farm, travel about, see where we’re going and enjoy medical treatment unsurpassed by any other nation.
Those true believers call it “green” energy. Well, I agree. It is green, but not the botanical variety of green, it’s the pecuniary variety: money.
An informed voter is one who will have the lights on all the time.
Rockwall Controls Company, Inc. and Rockwall Broad Energy, LLC stand ready to provide quality, effective energy solutions for your business. Staying in the black is truly green.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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