Let’s Keep Rockwall County Republican and Fiscally Conservative

February 16, 2016 Ano Domini

  • Cliff Sevier
    Rockwall County Commissioner Cliff Sevier Serves Precinct One

Throughout history, when close family members hold office together in the same government body, there is a natural conflict of interests.

Such would be the case if Precinct One voters elect Doug Hamilton to be Commissioner. Doug Hamilton and sitting Precinct 3 Commissioner Dennis Bailey are brother-in-law to one another. Doug married Dennis’ sister.
Do we want two brothers-in-law in the same governing body? I don’t.
I’ve met Doug to discuss this race. Our meeting was cordial, friendly. We discussed several matters. At the end of our Starbucks moment, I told Doug I would be supporting Clifford Sevier for Commissioner, Precinct One because Cliff knows the job.
At the RCRWC forum held at Rockwall High School, two very different worldviews were on display.
Cliff understands his role as administrator, as prescribed in our state Constitution. So you know, the present Commissioners Court is made up of five men who also understand the constitutional duties of the court.
At that forum, Doug Hamilton expressed his desire to assume public education duties and for county government to take on parks and recreation responsibilities that are the purview of the few cities within our county boundaries. Simply stated: Doug Hamilton is a progressive who would push to grow county government.
Do we want a progressive who would increase property taxes to grow government? I don’t.
Cliff is a true conservative. Doug is a progressive. The overall character of Rockwall County residents is conservative, as demonstrated by our collective voting history.
I encourage Precinct One voters to choose Clifford Sevier.
View the chart below to find your polling place.
Early Voting Information
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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