Cliff Sevier – The Conservative Candidate for Precinct One

Posted 29 February 2016 AD

cliff sevier 2016 campaign veterans group shots

One day before Primary Election Day 2016, the name of Clifford Sevier can be found associated with well known names like our long-time Congressman Ralph Hall who flew fighter planes in the South Pacific during WW2, USAF pilot Scott O’Grady who was shot down over Bosnia and State Senator Bob Hall, a former USAF captain.
It’s natural to see Sergeant Major Cliff, U.S. Army (retired) alongside other outstanding military veterans. If you understand military rankings, you can readily understand as Sergeant Major (E9), the Army promoted him because of his performance as an administrator in authority over thousands of fellow soldiers.
Unlike his opponent, you will not find the name of Cliff Sevier associated with Common Core. When C-SCOPE/Common Core came to Rockwall ISD, Doug Hamilton was school board president.
Hamilton’s track record of tax-and-spend big government is unmistakable and undeniable. During Doug’s time on RISD, Superintendent Gene Burton’s salary rose to be third highest in the state of Texas, even higher than the Superintendent of Houston ISD.
At the RCRWC forum at Rockwall High School, Doug Hamilton exposed his big-government proclivity when he described how he wanted the county to assume education duties. Obviously, Mr. Hamilton is either unaware or indifferent to the constitutional role of County Commissioner.
County Commissioners chiefly administer the funds to carry out state mandates for things like courts, jails, mental health, etc. Commissioner Sevier is a proven conservative administrator, the only conservative candidate for the office of Precinct One Commissioner.
I urge Rockwall County Precinct 1 voters to re-elect Clifford Sevier, County Commissioner, Precinct 1.
Election day is Tuesday, March 1. Polls open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Find your polling place via this link:
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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