Bourgeois and Proud of It

March 31, 2016 AD

An old man on a sleepless night delves into the many wonderful benefits of communism, said by our president to be as good a choice as capitalism for an economic system. After a middle-of-the-night awakening, it’s a glass of water and firing up this blog, thinking on the philosophical dilemma of America at this crucial time in her history.

So it is I pull up an online copy of the Communist Manifesto, the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Marx and Engels were big on dividing societies between workers (Proletariat) and business owners (Bourgeois). Our president would never use such terms, else he would be clearly known to all.

What’s the difference between these two classes of people, according to the authors of the Communist Manifesto?

  • The proletariat are wage earners, hourly employees or contract labor
  • The bourgeois are the business owners, the employers who pay wages to the proletariat

I suppose the irony was lost to Marx and Engels: without the Bourgeoisie, the proletariat would be unemployed, out of work, hungry and homeless.

The fundamental idea underlying the theory of communism is the bourgeoisie are inherently evil because they build their wealth off the labor of the proletariat. That’s true to a degree, but is it not also true a bourgeois first labors to develop a business idea and discovers how to finance his or her enterprise before hiring the proletariat?

I retired from the corporate world almost 30 years ago to start my business here in the smallest of 254 Texas counties. For the first year or more I was the entrepreneur, salesman, engineer, logistics person, book keeper, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer trainer and after market service technician. It was AFTER this bourgeois sold enough business and accumulated enough capital that employees were hired.

Regardless the realities of free-market capitalism, communists theorize that elimination of the hated bourgeoisie levels the playing field and

He dismisses the notion that communist would take away your private property. Really, Barack? You were born to communists, raised by communists and mentored by a communist. You know darn well the differences between communism, socialism and free-market capitalism.

  • Capitalism – You have the right to private property and to enjoy the fruits from that property (as in the Declaration of Independence phrase “the pursuit of happiness”)
  • Socialism – Yes, you own private property, but the state dictates how you will use your property.
  • Communism – You have no right to private property. The state owns all property and it allows you to use some of its property. Maybe.

This 2016 election year. This great ideological divide between Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right have me sleepless this night. This graphic summarizes visually what’s happening to my fellow Americans at this point in our history.

Presidential politics all boils down to the above. Brain-dead college students clamor after Bernie and Hillary, while “evil” bourgeois business owners like me look for some salvation, some hope from the GOP candidates. And therein is the dilemma.

I see Bernie Sanders as full-blown communist, Hillary Clinton as a socialist-communist, Donald Trump as a capitalist-socialist and Ted Cruz as a full-blown capitalist. Imagine America, if any but Cruz get the job.

I am bourgeois and proud of it. I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz to be our next President of the United States of America, the last bastion of freedom on the face of the earth. At least for now.

Back to bed with my sleepy head.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Justin, Just In Time

March 30, 2016 AD

justin holland
The Right Man at the Right Time

Rockwall County – home to history and mystery. Before Anglo settlers set foot here rival Indian tribes fought one another to hold claim to this extraordinary patch of Texas soil. Arrow heads estimated to be over 1,500 years old have been found, along with a rock wall around the area from which the county gets its name. One amateur anthropologist theorized an ancient civilization near the present-day city of Rockwall. He noted there are three elements suggesting such a possibility: high ground, surrounded by a rock wall and a nearby source of water, the East Fork of the Trinity River now impounded as the Ray Hubbard Reservoir.

While our county is the smallest of 254 Texas counties, our people have impacted the entire state. Our tiny county in early Texas history was the “panhandle” of much larger Kaufman County. In spite of our diminutive size, candidates for public office make Rockwall a first stop in political races. One reason for Rockwall’s influence is the quality of the people; a second is the fact ours is the wealthiest county in Texas, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Our history of state leadership dates back to 19th Legislature of 1885.

historical record of Rockwall County House representation - condensed
Two candidates vie for the HD-33 seat in the Texas House of Representatives. One moved here from California, the other claims several generations of Texas heritage.

One is effective unemployed, the other is a business owner serving the people of Collin County and Rockwall County.

The two are pro-life and professing, church-going Christians. Both serve on city council in their respective cities. Each contributes to community service. So, what’s the difference?

The defining difference is what they can do for the people of our district. Justin does all his opponent does while also operating a dynamic business.

Let’s elect the man who will fight for us, for our children and for our property rights.

My vote goes to Justin Holland to be our next representative in the Texas House.

If you voted in the GOP primary election, mark your calendar for the May 24, 2016 runoff election. Let’s elect Justin, just in time.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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Facebook: Justin Holland for Texas 

Twitter: @justinaholland 

I am the GOP and I steal nothing from Trump

March 29, 2016 AD


Can we talk?

The GOP is no monolithic political machine. If anything, our problem is we are a party of individuals who more often than not tend to be our own worst enemy. Voter Vault classifies me as a “Hard Republican”, not to be confused with a  hard body. We infamously form circular firing squads as we shoot at one another.

Ours is the party that subscribes to and adheres to the rule of law. This is the chief difference between Republicans and nihilistic Democrats.

No one can steal the election from Donald Trump. It’s his to lose. If you continue to believe in him, your moment of revelation cannot be far off. Consider Trump campaign strategist Stephanie Cegielski who experienced an epiphany, a wake up call.

Trump made me believe. Until I woke up…I consider myself a part of the silent majority that led to Trump’s rise, which is why I want you to know that I am with you — I wanted Trump to be real, too. He is not.

I excerpt the above from Stephanie’s blog XOJane.

An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector

Americans are angry with federal government. We are angry over ObamaCare. We are angry over the president’s anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, love affair with socialism. We are angry the way national debt has more than doubled in fewer than eight years. We are angry over government abuses like the IRS targeting conservatives to silence us.

Donald Trump is angry, too. His populist rants and attacks on “establishment” politicians captured the hearts of my fellow Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. He’s right about some of our problems, but he has absolutely no viable solutions to any of them. None.

The masters of conspiracies at continue to deny facts in evidence as they go forward with their virtual world of pseudo political science.

I am but one old man. A ‘hard Republican’ who arises early, goes about his business, loves his grandchildren more than life itself and I am a Republican because the GOP, despite our human failings, generally reveres the Constitution and adheres to the Rule of Law, two factors essential to preserving liberty for all Americans.

I wasn’t born a Republican. I was a Democrat that supported the election of Jimmy Carter and I it was Jimmy Carter that turned me to the Republican Party. What is the Republican Party? It’s a bunch of God-fearing, flag-waving Americans like little ole me. That’s why I can say, I am the GOP.

My epiphany came shortly after Carter assumed office as President. I hope yours comes before November.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

What Do the Socialists Fear? I Know the Answer.

March 26, 2016 AD

Socialists fear free speech. It’s truly that simple. Because, vacuous socialist theories fall face down when illuminated by truth.

Fascists Disrupt Political Speech 

Transcript for your quick reference

everybody i’m bill Whittle and this is the firewall
there’s been several massive disruptions both inside and outside of Donald Trump
rallies and more promise just get one thing out of the way right at the top
this isn’t about Donald Trump I find some of his rhetoric alarming to say the
least but the left which means the iron triangle of tribal revolutionary
wannabes billionaire agitators and socialism loving politicians formerly
called community organizers formerly called race-baiting agitators you know
like Obama’s terrorist buddy Bill Ayers they’re the ones that are created this
mess this up surge of American fascism that we’re observing has nothing to do
with Donald Trump because this is what the left always do they block with
coercion intimidation or physical violence any viewpoint not in line with
their murderous policies of total political mind control and inevitable
economic ruin I mean what after all our Occupy Wall Street and black lives
matter if it’s not just you know
Street muscle now leftist apologist for these street actions like battle for
example want us to believe that these violent incidents are the result of and
not the cause of the disturbance is that the troupe rallies and that’s because
the one requirement for being a progressive is that anything that has
ever happened only happened if it advances their work to Genda everything
else was in the dustbin of history
speaking history let’s do a little recent history and then some less recent
history but when protesters made up of Bernie Sanders supporters black lives
matter thugs public sector union muscle and museum grade idiots with tenure have
done the following on March 19th 2006 team they attempted
attending a donald Trump rally in Arizona stopping traffic for 90 minutes
and inconveniencing and in fact imperiling the lives of both those
headed to the rally and those simply in a rush to get to their doctors
appointments or to pick up their kids after school on March 12 professional
protester Thomas team Asuma rushed the stage at a trump event didn’t like what
she has to say so in true progressive fashion he determined to force his
opinion on everyone else and make sure that they didn’t get to hear it either
on March 11th progressive write a trip growing in Chicago and when trip
cancelled due to safety concerns they celebrated their victory over opposing
ideas by calling him a coward I said this violence is not about Trump it’s
about the way they do business on the left if this were just about Trump that
none of the rest of this would make any sense on March 18th gay conservative
myliu napolis was banned from speaking in san francisco no concrete reason was
given milo speculates that he was too gay for San Francisco to tolerate on
February 25th Cal State students blocked the door so that they or anyone else
would not have to hear Ben Shapiro talk about campus Boolean once inside the
venue the protesters activated the fire alarm they also assaulted a disabled man
a liberal who turns out who simply wanted to hear what you had to say on
November 9th of last year University of Missouri assistant fascist Melissa Click
assaulted a student journalist famously calling for some muscle to attack non
progressive reporters on November 7th of 2015 Yale students disrupted a William
Buckley event one student was removed by force in several attendees were spat
upon the look you can see that at this rate going just with the reported
incidence of suppression assault and intimidation is going to take longer
than fidel castro speech but it is interesting isn’t it how the left will
disrupt a peaceful expression of differing opinions with violence and
then accused of people holding those different opinions of starting the whole
thing basically if you want to understand the modern left it’s pretty
much something like this
poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke
poke it off Phillies hitting me sounds funny but it’s not and it’s not new
either in the nineteen twenties and thirties the National Socialists had
their own private army to disrupt meetings of those who supported the why
my Republic or who dared to criticize a tall filler there’s no chance whatsoever
none whatsoever that Hitler and the National Socialist the nazis achieve
power without the storm I tell him or the essay organized street thugs that
silenced opposition forces through disruptions street violence ripping down
opposition posters and you know
little murder here and there Chinese Communist it particularly well that’s
where this term that the progressives are so proud of comes from by the way in
a political correctness it was a term used by Mao Zedong who killed fifty
million of his own people in the name of income inequality and free health care
encouraged cadres of wild eyed students who beat intimidated humiliated and
eventually killed anyone disagreed with their socialist utopia so these
progressive American fascist and their street muscle well they’re afraid of
people like david horowitz whom they stripped it assaulted or tried to
assault at Butler University Berkley Michigan MIT and the University of
Chicago also Portland State Texas Indiana UC Davis the University of
Washington University of Hawaii University of Illinois Delaware UCLA and
San Francisco State also at Boston University Harvard Wisconsin Arizona
State Bowling Green North Carolina Rhode Island Purdue Gonzaga University the
University of Pennsylvania and the University of Missouri now David
Horowitz’s intellectual tighten and I ought to know because I work with a mop
and as I did on this segment but physically damaged not a large men so
what are these young healthy twenty-something students in their ten
years fascist enablers so afraid of their afraid to listen to our ideas
because our ideas are better than their ideas and they know it whether they face
it or not
you know you can’t really blame these American fascist violence disruption
riots and Channing pretty much all they’ve got conservatives love free
speech and we’re ready to defend it with our lives because when it comes to the
free exchange of ideas we went and they loose and both such know it which is why
one side is for free speech the other dismisses as hate speech and he word
sentence speech or rally that threatens their goal of ensuring that the
University becomes a place to go to perpetually close the human mind and
that political dissent be crushed with the same violence that these fascist
bastards on the left
always employed
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difference please go to build little dot com become a member

2016 Elections – A Time of Choosing Between Tyranny and Liberty

March 26, 2016 The Year of Our Lord


Two days ago. Only two days ago, the president of the United States of America tells his youthful audience in Argentina there has been a “a sharp division in the past between left and right, between capitalist (waving his hand to his right) and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate.”

In his own words…

He dismisses facts of history and facts of practical experience in the Americas of persons who have actually lived in a free society (capitalist), quasi-socialist societies and full-blown communist-socialist countries.

The very soil upon which he stood as he made the above speech saw a horrible period of tyrannical socialist government that made approximately 30,000 its political enemies disappear. A PBS film titled, OUR DISAPPEARED \ NUESTROS DESAPARECIDOS, documents that horrific failure of tyrannical totalitarian government, a blend of crony capitalism and socialism.

Our president prescribes some blend of capitalism and socialism? Is he ignorant of the history of Argentina where this was the model of government? A term for his prescription is “crony capitalism”. What is crony capitalism? Prager U produced the following educational video (5:03) that succinctly describes the basics – as it is practiced today in the United States of America.

Pope Francis was born and raised under full-blown crony capitalism and this is why he stated his opposition to capitalism. Yes, the Pope only knows crony capitalism. Left unchecked, crony capitalism inevitably ends in a totalitarian state. The United States of America is heading toward that end at an astonishing pace.

If what I say is true, where is the tyranny, you ask. I take you back to 2008 when Barack Obama called for a “civilian national security force” equal to our military force. Hear him state his goal in the following video (0:20).

Are we headed toward tyrannical, dictatorial government that is a blend of capitalism and socialism and communism? Think of the all-powerful, heavily-armed alphabet-soup federal agencies rising in strength day by day: DEA, EPA, IRS, DOE, BLM, DHS, TSA, etc., agencies that bypass constitutional due process on a daily basis. Is not the answer a resounding yes?

Free-market capitalism is a natural economic system of exchange of goods and services between independent agents.

Socialism shall forever remain an economic theory. Why? Because it has. Never. Been. Proven. It remains the goal of Utopian leftist theorists like Barack Hussein Obama, the community organizer.

In this 2016 election cycle, we shall either return to true free-market capitalism upon which we built the greatest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world, or we shall face a similar fate of those Latin American countries that succumbed to the siren’s seduction to choose “what works”? A free society only works 100% of the time it is tried.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Do Mexican Residents of USA Truly Want Mexican “Democracy”?

March 21, 2016 AD

Bloomberg headline: Stop Trump Movement Gets Boost From Mexico’s Efforts in U.S.

stop trump movement gets boost from mexicos efforts in us

Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.

Officially, Mexico says it respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race. Yet Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

Read the full story:

Out of one side of the official Mexican mouth, the Mexican government says it “respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race”, but out of the other side of the official Mexican mouth the Mexican government directly interferes in our elections. Shall I assume we now have an open door to interfere in their elections?

A Personal Word to Mexican Residents in the USA

Think about the corruption in Mexican government that motivated you to move here. (Piense acerca de la corrupción en el gobierno mexicano que motivó a usted a venir a vivir aquí.)

Mexican government is roughly the equivalent to U.S. government under control of the Democrat Party. (El gobierno de México es aproximadamente el equivalente al gobierno estadounidense bajo el control del Partido Demócrata.) Do I speak the truth? (No digo la verdad?)

The bottom line is simply this: If you want Mexican style government along with all the corruption, then vote for Democrats. If you want American style government, then vote Republicans. (La conclusión es simplemente esto: Si quieres gobierno al estilo mexicano, junto con toda la corrupción, y luego votar por los demócratas. Si deseas gobierno al estilo americano, luego votar por los republicanos.)

John White
Rockwall, Texas


Move over Che – Obama’s the new poster in Cuba

March 18, 2016

move over che - obama is the new poster in town.png
Ah! Such memories of the promises of “hope and change” dating back to 2008 general elections when Barack Obama promoted his Utopian vision of the new Christian-free, pro-Muslim America. The photograph below was an inside look at Obama’s 2008 Houston campaign office.


His association with communists isn’t news. He was born to communist parents, mentored by a communist, Frank Marshall Davis, about whom he wrote in his book Dreams from my Father, as being a decisive influence in helping him to find his present identity as an African-American.

For many years communist Soviet Union financially underwrote the Castrista communist government. In between the collapse of the USSR and the rise of a communist-socialist Venezuelan government was a terrible time of famine and misery Cubans refer to as “the special period”. Seventeen years ago Venezuela became Castro’s new “sugar daddy”.

What possible outcome to socialism? Utopian socialist dreams predictably become dystopian  failed societal failures, as has happened in Venezuela.

Readers and friends ask me, “Why does Obama now go to the aid of the Castros?” My blog of December 25, 2014 provides the answer.elan Connection – Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion.

The fact Barack Obama has become the ‘poster child’ of Cuban socialism, the savior of ‘La Revolución’, validates my opinion of over one year ago.

John White
Rockwall, Texas