Global Warming/Climate Change & Rising Sea Levels

6 March 2016 AD

palacios sea wall near pavilion
Seal Wall in Palacios, Texas – Looking East from Old Pavilion Boardwalk
Regarding claims of rising sea levels, this I have witnessed all my life in Palacios, Texas where I was born and raised. My hometown’s slogan is “City by the Sea”.

How fast do tides rise? It’s amazing. No, it isn’t a matter of weeks, months or years. Tides rise TWICE EACH DAY, in fact, every 12 hours and 25 minutes.


Like clockwork, it takes 6 hours and 12-1/2 minutes for tides to go from high tide to low, then another 6 hours and 12-1/2 minutes for tides to go from low tide to high.


How much does sea level change between high and low tides? Wind speed and direction are a major factor. That big shiny object 230,000 miles above us excerpts most influence on tides.


The picture below is of the Palacios sea wall. The view is to the east from the old Pavilion boardwalk. This is how tidal waters looked sixty years ago; this is how they appear sixty years later.


Fear mongers touting anthropogenic global warming/climate change tell of rising sea levels that threaten islands of the sea. Recently, this sitting president reported how rising sea levels threaten Norfolk, VA.


Following the above claims of rising tides, one must conclude the tides of Trinity Bay undergo rising tides due to anthropogenic global warming/climate change. Sea water laps into Baytown homes during high tides. Is this not proof of man-caused climate change? Well, not exactly.


Baytown, TX, Norfolk, VA and the islands of the sea experience land subsidence. Several factors cause land subsidence, chiefly extraction of ground water.


“Subsidence is a global problem and, in the United States, more than 17,000 square miles in 45 States, an area roughly the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined, have been directly affected by subsidence. More than 80 percent of the identified subsidence in the Nation has occurred because of exploitation of underground water , and the increasing development of land and water resources threatens to exacerbate existing land-subsidence problems and initiate new ones. In many areas of the arid Southwest, and in more humid areas underlain by soluble rocks such as limestone, gypsum, or salt, land subsidence is an often-overlooked environmental consequence of our land- and water-use practices.”

If by now you don’t know, you should know the vacuous nature of climate-change/global-warming hysteria is all based on junk science and junk science is simply not science at all.

If you have fallen for the deception, you are not alone. My own professional organization, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) promotes terms like Global Warming Potential (GWP) and climate change remedies, instead of standing by the scientific method.

Jesus says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” What is truth? Truth is the way things really are.


John White

Rockwall, Texas

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