Headline News: Liechty endorses Justin Holland for Texas House

March 9, 2016 AD

Blue Ribbon News Headline: Liechty endorses Justin Holland for Texas House

Justin Holland – Heath City Councilman and local business owner

“I’m proud to endorse conservative Justin Holland in the runoff election,” said Liechty. “I’ve gotten to know him well and I trust Justin to defend our liberties, cut government overreach, create good jobs, and end sanctuary cities to keep our neighborhoods safe and strong.”

Lorne Liechty
Lorne Liechty – Mayor of Heath, Texas

“I am honored to have earned Lorne’s endorsement,” said Holland. “He is a strong conservative and local leader who has had a meaningful impact on our community. His support is a great leap forward for our campaign.”

This is personal for me on many levels. I deeply appreciate these two gentlemen, both public servants on the Heath City Council. I have known Lorne over thirty years.

Individually and collectively, Lorne and Justin ran clean GOP primary campaigns free from slanders, insults and untruths.

Rockwall County has the larger body of Republican voters than does HD-33 in Collin County. It has been too many decades since we had a representative from our county.

Is it not time now for us to have a representative from Rockwall County?

It’s helpful to know also Justin is the superior choice for Collin County Voters.

Let’s work together to make it happen!

God bless Texas and God Bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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