Reagan v. Trump – When Reporters Ask The Hard Questions

March 10, 2016 AD

sam donaldson and megyn kelly - asking the hard questions

Back in the 80’s, ABC Newsman Sam Donaldson asked President Ronald Reagan the hard questions. Donaldson’s behavior disturbed even his own network leaders. I quote:

Once Donaldson cornered Reagan when the president was a guest at an ABC function, grilling him about the latest embarrassing kafuffle at the White House. Network higher ups talked of firing him, but Reagan just chuckled: “Oh, that’s alright, that’s just the way Sam is.” Book review by Bill Slocum on

Donaldson asked Ronald Reagan the hard questions that almost got him fired. Reagan’s response? He chuckled and said, “Oh, that’s alright, that’s just the way Sam is.”

In contrast, after Fox News woman Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump some hard questions, Trump angrily and viciously attacked her, calling her a “bimbo” and questioned her morality. I quote from the New York Daily News:

Donald Trump’s mudslinging on Megyn Kelly took a nasty turn Thursday ahead of the Fox News debate he has refused to attend.

Trump retweeted a doctored image of Kelly and an Internet meme calling the debate moderator a “bimbo” for pictures she posed for alongside a 2010 GQ magazine article. The Republican presidential front-runner has continued trolling her days before Monday’s Iowa caucuses.

For the record, Megyn Kelly did in fact pose for GQ Magazine – FULLY CLOTHED.

It was Trump’s wife that posed NUDE for the British version of GQ Magazine.

What’s the dictionary definition of a bimbo? Wordreference.coman attractive but stupid young woman, esp. one with loose morals

without knowing much about Mrs. Donald Trump, Mrs. Megyn Kelly with her Juris Doctorate behind her and a highly successful television news career doesn’t come off to me as a “bimbo”.

If The Donald encounters someone he fears, he resorts to negative, derogatory superlatives. He said he really liked Ted Cruz, until Ted’s poll numbers caught up with Trump’s. Donald accused Rubio of a number of untrue character flaws. None were true.

To date, the ONLY GOP presidential candidate to be consistent in character and values is Ted Cruz who has not “waffle” between opinions. Ted integrity clearly separates him from Donald Trump.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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