2016 Elections – Clash of Philosophical Titans

March 16, 2016 AD

Presidential politics shapes up as a clash between three philosophies.

Democrats project a better life, based on a Utopian philosophy given to impractical or unrealistic schemes of such perfection that eventually, if they get their way, and there is no interference from persons of one of the other two philosophies. Pay attention. Bernie and Hillary are two socialist peas in the same pod whose campaign promises predict a rosy future IF they can implement big-government plans.

The two leading Republican candidates project a better life from two perspectives, two worldviews. On the one hand, Donald Trump’s existentialist philosophy promises to “fix” all our problems overnight through tariffs on imports, deal making, and the immediate implementation of heavy-handed immigration policies.

The third philosophy of Ted Cruz, a traditionalist (also called fundamentalist), has history on his side. Mr. Cruz makes a case for a return to constitutional governance narrowly defined by “original intent”. As the junior senator from Texas points out, we are the only nation in all human history to operate under a republican form of government framed by a constitution for over two centuries. Cruz alone bases his philosophy on Biblical imperatives and human history. It is noteworthy that the majority of our founding fathers were Christians whose collective worldviews shaped the Constitution under which we live today.

its not to early to speculate about the 2016 elections

First-time voters will choose one of the three philosophies. Therefore getting out the vote is of paramount importance.

Regardless the GOP nominee, some large percentage of Republican voters will be unhappy. Will we unite around the duly nominated candidate or will we sit on our hands? I’ve believed from the beginning Ted Cruz is the best choice for president. But, if the nomination goes to Donald Trump, then Donald Trump is the one for whom I will vote.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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