Do Mexican Residents of USA Truly Want Mexican “Democracy”?

March 21, 2016 AD

Bloomberg headline: Stop Trump Movement Gets Boost From Mexico’s Efforts in U.S.

stop trump movement gets boost from mexicos efforts in us

Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.

Officially, Mexico says it respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race. Yet Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

Read the full story:

Out of one side of the official Mexican mouth, the Mexican government says it “respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race”, but out of the other side of the official Mexican mouth the Mexican government directly interferes in our elections. Shall I assume we now have an open door to interfere in their elections?

A Personal Word to Mexican Residents in the USA

Think about the corruption in Mexican government that motivated you to move here. (Piense acerca de la corrupción en el gobierno mexicano que motivó a usted a venir a vivir aquí.)

Mexican government is roughly the equivalent to U.S. government under control of the Democrat Party. (El gobierno de México es aproximadamente el equivalente al gobierno estadounidense bajo el control del Partido Demócrata.) Do I speak the truth? (No digo la verdad?)

The bottom line is simply this: If you want Mexican style government along with all the corruption, then vote for Democrats. If you want American style government, then vote Republicans. (La conclusión es simplemente esto: Si quieres gobierno al estilo mexicano, junto con toda la corrupción, y luego votar por los demócratas. Si deseas gobierno al estilo americano, luego votar por los republicanos.)

John White
Rockwall, Texas


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