I am the GOP and I steal nothing from Trump

March 29, 2016 AD


Can we talk?

The GOP is no monolithic political machine. If anything, our problem is we are a party of individuals who more often than not tend to be our own worst enemy. Voter Vault classifies me as a “Hard Republican”, not to be confused with a  hard body. We infamously form circular firing squads as we shoot at one another.

Ours is the party that subscribes to and adheres to the rule of law. This is the chief difference between Republicans and nihilistic Democrats.

No one can steal the election from Donald Trump. It’s his to lose. If you continue to believe in him, your moment of revelation cannot be far off. Consider Trump campaign strategist Stephanie Cegielski who experienced an epiphany, a wake up call.

Trump made me believe. Until I woke up…I consider myself a part of the silent majority that led to Trump’s rise, which is why I want you to know that I am with you — I wanted Trump to be real, too. He is not.

I excerpt the above from Stephanie’s blog XOJane.

An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector

Americans are angry with federal government. We are angry over ObamaCare. We are angry over the president’s anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, love affair with socialism. We are angry the way national debt has more than doubled in fewer than eight years. We are angry over government abuses like the IRS targeting conservatives to silence us.

Donald Trump is angry, too. His populist rants and attacks on “establishment” politicians captured the hearts of my fellow Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. He’s right about some of our problems, but he has absolutely no viable solutions to any of them. None.

The masters of conspiracies at Infowars.com continue to deny facts in evidence as they go forward with their virtual world of pseudo political science.

I am but one old man. A ‘hard Republican’ who arises early, goes about his business, loves his grandchildren more than life itself and I am a Republican because the GOP, despite our human failings, generally reveres the Constitution and adheres to the Rule of Law, two factors essential to preserving liberty for all Americans.

I wasn’t born a Republican. I was a Democrat that supported the election of Jimmy Carter and I it was Jimmy Carter that turned me to the Republican Party. What is the Republican Party? It’s a bunch of God-fearing, flag-waving Americans like little ole me. That’s why I can say, I am the GOP.

My epiphany came shortly after Carter assumed office as President. I hope yours comes before November.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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