Justin, Just In Time

March 30, 2016 AD

justin holland
The Right Man at the Right Time

Rockwall County – home to history and mystery. Before Anglo settlers set foot here rival Indian tribes fought one another to hold claim to this extraordinary patch of Texas soil. Arrow heads estimated to be over 1,500 years old have been found, along with a rock wall around the area from which the county gets its name. One amateur anthropologist theorized an ancient civilization near the present-day city of Rockwall. He noted there are three elements suggesting such a possibility: high ground, surrounded by a rock wall and a nearby source of water, the East Fork of the Trinity River now impounded as the Ray Hubbard Reservoir.

While our county is the smallest of 254 Texas counties, our people have impacted the entire state. Our tiny county in early Texas history was the “panhandle” of much larger Kaufman County. In spite of our diminutive size, candidates for public office make Rockwall a first stop in political races. One reason for Rockwall’s influence is the quality of the people; a second is the fact ours is the wealthiest county in Texas, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Our history of state leadership dates back to 19th Legislature of 1885.

historical record of Rockwall County House representation - condensed
Two candidates vie for the HD-33 seat in the Texas House of Representatives. One moved here from California, the other claims several generations of Texas heritage.

One is effective unemployed, the other is a business owner serving the people of Collin County and Rockwall County.

The two are pro-life and professing, church-going Christians. Both serve on city council in their respective cities. Each contributes to community service. So, what’s the difference?

The defining difference is what they can do for the people of our district. Justin does all his opponent does while also operating a dynamic business.

Let’s elect the man who will fight for us, for our children and for our property rights.

My vote goes to Justin Holland to be our next representative in the Texas House.

If you voted in the GOP primary election, mark your calendar for the May 24, 2016 runoff election. Let’s elect Justin, just in time.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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