Bourgeois and Proud of It

March 31, 2016 AD

An old man on a sleepless night delves into the many wonderful benefits of communism, said by our president to be as good a choice as capitalism for an economic system. After a middle-of-the-night awakening, it’s a glass of water and firing up this blog, thinking on the philosophical dilemma of America at this crucial time in her history.

So it is I pull up an online copy of the Communist Manifesto, the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Marx and Engels were big on dividing societies between workers (Proletariat) and business owners (Bourgeois). Our president would never use such terms, else he would be clearly known to all.

What’s the difference between these two classes of people, according to the authors of the Communist Manifesto?

  • The proletariat are wage earners, hourly employees or contract labor
  • The bourgeois are the business owners, the employers who pay wages to the proletariat

I suppose the irony was lost to Marx and Engels: without the Bourgeoisie, the proletariat would be unemployed, out of work, hungry and homeless.

The fundamental idea underlying the theory of communism is the bourgeoisie are inherently evil because they build their wealth off the labor of the proletariat. That’s true to a degree, but is it not also true a bourgeois first labors to develop a business idea and discovers how to finance his or her enterprise before hiring the proletariat?

I retired from the corporate world almost 30 years ago to start my business here in the smallest of 254 Texas counties. For the first year or more I was the entrepreneur, salesman, engineer, logistics person, book keeper, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer trainer and after market service technician. It was AFTER this bourgeois sold enough business and accumulated enough capital that employees were hired.

Regardless the realities of free-market capitalism, communists theorize that elimination of the hated bourgeoisie levels the playing field and

He dismisses the notion that communist would take away your private property. Really, Barack? You were born to communists, raised by communists and mentored by a communist. You know darn well the differences between communism, socialism and free-market capitalism.

  • Capitalism – You have the right to private property and to enjoy the fruits from that property (as in the Declaration of Independence phrase “the pursuit of happiness”)
  • Socialism – Yes, you own private property, but the state dictates how you will use your property.
  • Communism – You have no right to private property. The state owns all property and it allows you to use some of its property. Maybe.

This 2016 election year. This great ideological divide between Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right have me sleepless this night. This graphic summarizes visually what’s happening to my fellow Americans at this point in our history.

Presidential politics all boils down to the above. Brain-dead college students clamor after Bernie and Hillary, while “evil” bourgeois business owners like me look for some salvation, some hope from the GOP candidates. And therein is the dilemma.

I see Bernie Sanders as full-blown communist, Hillary Clinton as a socialist-communist, Donald Trump as a capitalist-socialist and Ted Cruz as a full-blown capitalist. Imagine America, if any but Cruz get the job.

I am bourgeois and proud of it. I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz to be our next President of the United States of America, the last bastion of freedom on the face of the earth. At least for now.

Back to bed with my sleepy head.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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