Is it really the economy, stupid?

Bill Clinton figured how to win the affections of the people. It took time, but he came to realize the people were generally more concerned about personal material wealth than they were about morals and what they would encounter after death.

Barack Obama tapped into the ignorance of American youth by promising to fundamentally change America. Although specificity was absent from most of his socialist sermons, it mattered not to the young voters like ‘Obama Girl’ Carey Wedler seen in the photo below with two other ardent supporters.

carey wedler with two other Obama Girls
It didn’t matter until after Obama assumed office and the country took a nose dive toward oblivion. Carey is still an atheist, still a leftist, and she has done an ‘180’ on her support for the first Kenyan son elected president of the United States. This, after she “googled the news to see what was going on in the world“. An amazing thing happened after Carey googled the news: her eyes were opened to the treachery and deceit of Barack Obama. Hear why she turned away from Obama in the following video.

Lots of folks conflate conservatism with personal material wealth.

Donald Trump channels both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in this current Republican election cycle. Trump is a long time government insider where he has crafted ‘deals’ to his own advantage. Money talks and Trump has lots of money to control the conversation with establishment politicians. Hear Trump praise the Clintons in the following video clip.

“I know her very well and I know her husband very well…” – Donald Trump

The ONLY anti-establishment candidate in many, many years is Senator Ted Cruz. Ted was anti-establishment while Trump was still praising Hillary Clinton and contributing to her campaigns.

Like Clinton and Obama before him, Trump has taken up a cloak of pseudo-conservatism, claiming to be the anti-establishment candidate as he slanders Senator Cruz by calling him “lying Ted”.

A Facebook follower, alarmed at my exposure of the Donald’s hypocrisy and his mercurial policies, calls Donald Trump “the savior of our country”. To this, I must say, the job of Savior has already been filled by someone whose tenure began some 2,000 years ago.

The essential principles of conservatism are:

  1. Upholding and defending the Constitution. Our country was chartered as a republic. A republic acts on the rule of law, not the dictates of a tyrant.
  2. God-given individual freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  3. Facilitation of prosperity through free markets
  4. Strict adherence to the separation of powers
  5. Maintenance of limited government

I urge fellow Republicans to vote for the trustworthy conservative, not the pseudo-conservative whose values are polar opposites to our party’s platform.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Earthquakes – Coming to a location near you

Almost 2,000 years ago, the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, prophesied end-times earthquakes in Matthew 24:7, Mark 13:8, and Luke 21:11. An even more ominous earthquake prophecy that is found in Psalm 46 was written around 701 BC.

So we will not fear when earthquakes come
    and the mountains crumble into the sea. – Psalm 46:2

Mountains crumbling? Is this possible?

According to the USGS, on average, there are 150 earthquakes of 6.0 or greater magnitude per year. Earthquakes are increasing at an alarming rate. But, that’s not all that we should be mindful of.

mega disaster.png

Yesterday, April 25, 2016, there were 226 quakes of 2.5 magnitude and greater, worldwide. Also worldwide, volcanoes erupt in ever greater number while some are poised to erupt with devastating consequences. To us. Here. In the United States of America.

There are two to watch, a Strombolian volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Remember its name: Klyuchevskoy. Strombolian volcanoes don’t have gentle lava flows as do those in Hawaii. Strombolian volcanoes blow their tops. Downwind of this particular volcano is the northwest coast of our country. But, there is an even more dangerous volcano right here in the good old US of A. It’s called Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is the largest of 60 super volcanoes and the one that poses the greatest threat to human life. There are geologists who predict an eruption of Yellowstone this year, 2016. Take note that such predictions are often off by a thousand years or more. Or less.

Back to crumbling mountains. A year ago, April 29, to be precise, a devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude reduced the height of Mt. Everest by 3 feet.

So, what am I saying?

All signs point to the last days, a time marked by famines, earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, and pestilences. What would you do, if suddenly there were no more electricity, food and fuel, and the country erupts in violence? What would you do?

As for me and my family, we have a hiding place. No, it’s not an underground bunker. Our hiding place is a sure refuge from disaster.

The name of the Lord is a strong fortress;
    the godly run to him and are safe. – Proverbs 18:10

Here in these tumultuous times that clearly mark the end of the present age, I daily make sure my personal relationship with my Creator, my Heavenly Father who adopted me as a joint heir with his only natural born son Jesus Christ. The Lord is as near as the nose on your face. Call on him and he will answer.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

A Most Unforgettable Character – Joe Gayle Tanner

Joe died April 9, 2016. His funeral was in our mutual hometown of Palacios, Texas. Ron Paul country.

joe gayle tanner obituary
His youngest brother, Robert Tanner, lies at rest in the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Houston. Robert was a member of our PHS Class of 1966. There are plenty of stories I could tell you about Robert, but Joe was the man with whom I labored on an offshore drilling rig.

Joe and I worked for Field Drilling Company. Our rig was probably the largest inland barge rig of the time with an Ideco Full-View derrick, Gardner-Denver GXR mud pumps and three huge diesel locomotive engines that powered the mud pumps, the draw-works (hoisting equipment) and the rotary table.

barge rig
Typical Inland Barge Rig with Standard Derrick

A typical offshore 24-hour work day in the sixties the rig drilled for eight hours, pulled the pipe for eight hours to change the drill bit, then returned all the pipe into the hole to resume drilling. Each of the three segments of time was typically eight hours. Naturally, games were played to break the cycle. That eight-hour drilling cycle was a lot easier on the body than “tripping” the pipe in or out of the hole.

Our crews consisted of six men, each getting one day a week off. Each of the three crews included a driller (the boss), a relief driller (Joe’s position), a derrick man, a motorman, and two floor-hands. The relief driller could do all the jobs and replaced each of the crew on his respective day off.

One word that described Joe was “gutsy”. He was called “Crazy Joe” by some. I called him “friend”. The fact of the matter, Joe had special instincts that got the job done.

Our shift was 3 to 11 PM. How well I remember more than one occasion when upon arrival the daylight driller would say it was time to pull the pipe string because the bit could make no more hole. Joe would squint his eyes and smile. After the daylight crew was aboard the crew boat and well out of sight and Joe on the brake (the big lever that controlled the weight on the bit), we would hear the familiar sound of pneumatic clutches engaging and disengaging. Joe would stop the rotary table, engage the draw works and the pipe

tri-cone bit
Tri-con Drill Bit

string would make its way to the crown of the derrick.  It was then the excitement began as Joe threw back the brake handle and the pipe string would plummet back into the hole as though on a suicide mission. Moments before the Kelly would be swallowed by the hole, Joe would slam on the brake, shaking the entire drilling rig as though a 7.0 Richter was breaking the earth apart. Once was not enough. Joe would repeat that event two or three times before resuming drilling. On my first time to witness this, standing beside Joe at the brake, he turned to me with his imitable smile, explaining to me how he was liberating the bit (not his words) from a ball of clay. His instincts were amazing.

You see, if you drilled too long, one or more drill bit cones would break off in the hole, precipitating a time-consuming expedition expedtion that would certainly result in someone getting fired. But, it never happened with Joe running the rig.

We were all thankful Joe knew how to break the cycle.

There are other stories I could tell about Joe Tanner, stories of his phenomenal strength and physical size.

I suppose there is one I can now safely report, years beyond the statute of limitations.

While drilling a hole in Baffin Bay, we embarked out of the port of Riviera, Texas. That particular boat ride was short, affording us ample time to stop at a beer joint on the way back home. As I recall, this particular joint was called the Diablo Bar.

On our first visit, we pushed together two tables, took our seats and a young waitress came to take our orders. When it was my turn to order, I ordered a Lone Star beer. A quick discerning look preceded her question of my age. She wanted to see my “ID”. Joe quickly told her to give me what I wanted. She hesitated and left to get her manager who returned with her. The manager explained to Joe I was too young to drink beer. Joe then stood to his feet, the diminutive manager’s head barely reaching to Joes chest. Joe looked down to the manager to say, “I say he’s old enough.” The intimidated manager agreed, turning to the waitress, he said, “Give him what he wants.”

There was good reason we were called “roughnecks”.

Afer I left the oilfield, Joe and I lost contact. The news of his passing brought to mind a flood of stories, fond memories of an extraordinary man, Joe Gayle Tanner.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Is it possible to reverse death? Yes. Absolutely.

reverse death

“Bioquark, a healthcare company set up to look into so-called ‘repair’ and ‘reanimation’ technologies claims death may not be ‘irreversible’ and we have reached a point to ‘push the envelope’ and test if this is really the case.” Read more from The Daily Mail

I’ve discovered an amazing scientific breakthrough that was publicized in the most widely read scientific journal of all time: the Holy Bible.

My medical insurance will not cover Bioquark’s treatment, but my life assurance will.

The probability of your death is 100%. As it is written, we all have an appointment with death. There is a post-death appointment before a judge. The latter appointment is of greater interest to me than the first.

As each of us experiences our individual appointments with death, we will afterward be going one way or another, one desirable, the other not so much. Let’s talk about the undesirable destination.

In Mark chapter 9, verse 44, we read about a place of unquenchable fire, a fire that never goes out, and immortal maggots that feed eternally on human flesh. This place will NOT be number one on For me, this would be the WRONG WAY.

Next, let’s consider THE WAY, the right way.

Jesus Christ, aka Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, has the ultimate resort where a guest room awaits all who believe in Him, those whose sins have been blotted out of the sight of God the Father by the blood of Jesus the Son of God.

How do we get to the better resort?

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” In other words, no other ‘travel agent’ can book the Father’s House; only Jesus.

I was two month shy of my 28th birthday when I called on the name of the Lord. From that moment to this day my life has been in continuous transformation.

There is already a guest room awaiting my arrival. What about you?

Making a reservation is easier than any on-line travel service. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Call on His name; ask forgiveness of your sins; turn from sinful ways. Your reservation will automatically be guaranteed, even for late arrival.

And on that matter of reversing death, it’s call resurrection.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Trump Fully Supports LGBT Agenda – In His Own Words

Donald Trump supports the ‪#‎LGBT‬ gender-neutral ‪#‎bathroom‬ movement. In his own words:


In a public forum, The Donald made very clear his unholy worldview on the use of restrooms according to how someone “feels”. He believes it’s okay for a man to use the woman’s restroom and he believes it’s okay for a woman to use the men’s restroom.

In Donald Trump’s world, the only thing that matters is money. He decries the North Carolina bathroom law as bad for business.

Is this the man you Trump supporters truly want for a Republican presidential candidate?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Bottom of the Ninth – Bases Loaded, Trump Strikes Out

Instead of jeering at Cruz for his hustle, Trump fans should boo their own candidate for fielder’s indifference.
Let’s get past the rah-rah of Trump’s campaign and get to know the man as he really is.
“Ink Ted Cruz to a Four-Year Contract” – National Review
“Donald Trump’s hypocrisy on trade: he outsources and invests globally, but doesn’t want Ford to do the same?” – AEI
“The Backstory on Donald Trump’s Four Bankruptcies” – The Street
“NBC fires Donald Trump after he calls Mexicans rapists and drug runners” – Business Insider
donald trump finger in the airdonald trump made in chinadonald trump made in mexico

Do I ask too much of Trump fans?

We are fortunate to have two candidates running on the Republican ticket who are both hated by establishment politicians. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are both anti-establishment and their mistrust and disgust with establishment Republican lawmakers is well deserved and not without merit.

The question before us is not the ‘fix’ for the Washington Beltway Bullies. The question before us is the right choice for the man who can aright our ship of state.

For me, the choice is obvious: Ted Cruz is the candidate with a track record of defeating leftist matters before the Supreme Court. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a track record of supporting leftist politicians. Not once in his lifetime has Ted Cruz praised Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as has The Donald.

Be angry and sin not, says the Bible. It’s good to be angry. I’m angry. God created anger to motivate us to action and we have been given responsibility for our actions.


John White
Rockwall, Texas

Beyond the Galaxy – Pseudo Scientific Escapism

April 15, 2016, AD

Uber rich and the unproven Inteligencia, including Carl Sagan (deceased and still on or under the earth), Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and so on, they dream of travel to another planet, a shining planet like Earth in a galaxy far, far away.

Among the above named are one or two who envision settling a colony on Mars. Why?

There is a close relationship between atheism and pseudo-science. If in your worldview we are but spontaneous products of billions of years of evolution, creatures formed without a creator, unplanned accidents of evolution, it’s understandable.

Worldviews in Contrast

Atheistic Worldview

If in your worldview we are but spontaneous products of billions of years of evolution, creatures formed without a creator, unplanned accidents of evolution, it’s understandable. Adopting such a worldview, you are threatened with overpopulation and a very nasty end of human existence on this planet and find it therefore, imperative a new home planet be found.

Your fellow  humanists point to the misery and poverty of India where the population density is approximately 1,156 people per mi2. Unsustainable to the most casual observer – right? Let’s compare India, a place unknown to most Americans, to one of our 50 states known to most Americans: New Jersey.

An approximate 2016 New Jersey state population of 8,985,500 persons inhabiting 1,029 mi2 yields a population density of 1,029 persons per mi2. Question: Does NJ Governor Chris Christie appear emaciated to you? (Coincidentally, the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino are located in Atlantic City, New Jersey; the original Taj Mahal is located in the Indian state of Agra. Obviously, the earth is nowhere near its ultimate capacity to sustain life.

Judeo-Christian Worldview

My worldview sees the intricacies of all living things. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequences, and Fractals underscore the fact of design by a designer. Try as you may, never in all history can are there documented, repeatable scientific instances whereby chemicals thrown together spontaneously create life.

Furthermore, my Christian worldview accepts at face value the promises of God. For example, the He will supply all my needs, meaning there will never be a time when earth’s resources become depleted.

As a third-grade child, I was taught that the world would run out of oil within 20 years. More than sixty years later on, Texas alone now has greater proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. In fact, a recent glut of crude oil caused the price per barrel to plummet down to around $32 per barrel.

God supplies all my needs at just the right time, often at the 11th hour, even the 11th hour and 59th minute.

Not to confuse Mormonism with Christianity, I point back in time to the old 1970s era TV show Battlestar Galactica in which the actors were searching for a shining planet called Earth.

In Conclusion

Yes, pseudo-scientists yearn for another planet to which only the elite of society may escape. NASA squanders billions of dollars in search of ‘intelligent life’ on another planet far, far away.

Earth is in perfect balance. I could address the issue of CO2 and the pseudo-science of global warming/climate change, but I defer to another time.

I do urge you to be alarmed at how pseudo-scientists gain the upper hand: control of the government, control of public discourse.


a new low in science
20 scientists sent a letter to the White House calling for their political opponents to be investigated

Censorship, persecution, and political corruption are the tools of a totalitarian state. This band of theorists violates the tenets of sound science. They eschew the scientific method in favor of a belief system tantamount to pagan religion.

Our beloved Constitution is at peril. Therefore, our liberties, our fundamental, natural rights are also at peril.

What will you do to preserve the republic?

John White
Rockwall, Texas