Worsening US Trade Deficit: No, it’s not the immigrants.

April 5, 2016 AD

Trump declares war on trading partners like Mexico. In today’s news, The Donald says a Ford Motor Company plant in Mexico is an ‘absolute disgrace’. What is the back story on Ford in Mexico?

The Ford Motor Company has been manufacturing automobiles in Mexico for 90 years. The Donald doesn’t know that Mexican citizens actually buy, sell and drive Fords in Mexico. Also, by manufacturing cars in Mexico, Ford can easily export them to still other countries.

Finally, Ford is not moving a plant to Mexico, Ford is building a brand new manufacturing facility. 36% of all Fords are built in America. Like General Motors, Ford has plants in other countries to be able to sell them there.

trump the hypocrite
Trump’s credo: Do as I say, not as I do.

It’s so very easy to get media attention, Mr. Trump, but do allow facts to get into your conversation from time to time.

The simple reason manufacturing declines in our country is the consequence of tens of thousands of onerous regulations and high corporate taxes. As an example, look to Boeing, our nation’s biggest exporter. Boeing exports 80% of all its production. Until now.

“Most governments around the world bend over backwards to help their exporters, but not America’s.” – Forbes: How The U.S. Government Helped Kill 4,000 Jobs This Week At Boeing

Illegal immigration is a huge problem, but it has nothing to do with Ford in Mexico, or GM in Brazil. It has everything to do with the pathetic way big government attacks American enterprises.

Is it not time to demand of our lawmakers genuine reforms that cut down bloated federal government? Is it not time to eliminate federal bureaucracies that leech the life out of U.S. industries as they trample the rights of our citizens? Is it not time to demand the Fair Tax?

Personal to Donald Trump: Mr. Trump, get your facts straight before engaging your mouth.

It was conservative principles upon which this, the greatest nation in all history, was established and built. Let’s call on a true conservative to reign in federal government, to restore the rule of law and to restore personal freedoms. Let’s elect Ted Cruz to the office of President.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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