Clinton v. Obama – The World Coming Apart

April 8, 2016 AD

On April 7, 2016, Bill Clinton unloaded on Barack Obama, saying, “A lot of things are coming apart around the world now.” The former Democrat president attributes global failures on the present Democrat president.

Read more about Clinton’s remarks from World Net Daily: Bill unloads on Obama: ‘World coming apart’

Throughout post-WW2 American history, Democrat presidents have presided over the decline of our wonderful country and have empowered tyrants overseas.

  • Republican Gen. Douglas MacArthur wanted to smack China up side the head by reunifying North and South Korea, but Democrat president Harry Truman pulled MacArthur from command and look at the threats from a rogue communist North Korean government to  America today.
  • Democrat president Lyndon B. Johnson escalated the Vietnam War which cost over 50,000 American lives and political and social chaos back home. It was Republican president Richard Nixon who got Americans out of Vietnam and secured a halt to hostilities. However, after Nixon successfully negotiated a truce with North Vietnam with a one-for-one replacement policy, he resigned due to the Watergate scandal. Subsequently, the Democrat Congress refused to fund the one-for-one replacement policy and the north overran the south, leaving pro-American, Christian South Vietnamese to the murderous hands of North Vietnamese communists.

Yes, Bill Clinton is correct in saying that Democrat president Barack Hussein Obama’s pro-Islam, anti-Christian socialist policies have left the world in a huge mess.

It’s helpful to know the reason things generally went well under Bill Clinton can and must be attributed to a Republican Congress that kept him in check.

Obama’s nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran shouts to Clinton’s nuclear ‘deal’ with the North Koreans who now have a plethora of nuclear ICBMs pointed our way.

Unlike Iran, the current focus of international nuclear diplomacy, North Korea has conducted atomic test explosions. Its blood-curdling rhetoric and periodic missile tests have set the region on edge and there’s no sign of negotiations restarting to coax it into disarming. – AP News: US researchers: Hundreds of North Korea missiles threaten Asia

What would the next Democrat president bring us? Consider a Hillary or Bernie vision of a greatly expanded socialist America for an answer. I remind you how Hillary used her office as Secretary of State under Obama to sell half our U.S. uranium stocks to the Russians who in turn sell them to other enemies. Don’t believe me?

hillary transfer of half of us uranium to russia.png

Thanks to Democrat presidents we now face nuclear threats by China, North Korea, Russia and Iran.

Republican dilemma: A time of choosing between a ‘deal maker’ and a ‘constitutional conservative’, deal-maker Trump v. rule-of-law Cruz.

Our constitution has its roots in a thousand years of English common law and the Bible. Our constitutional republic is the longest surviving in all world history. Why? Because only a republican form of government protects and preserves our God-given natural rights.

My choice for the next president is a solid, proven constitutional conservative: Ted Cruz.

May God have mercy on the United States of America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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