How To Cause #ClimateChange

Climate Change aka Global Warming

Long has the debate raged between so-called environmentalists and real scientists. Those on the left know for a fact all changes to our global climate are anthropogenic (man-caused). Those on the right actually follow the science where it leads. Most folks are in that limbo between being a true believer or a “climate change denier”.

The fact climate changes is indisputable. We  verify through deep ice cores, tree rings, sedimentary evidence and historical records.

May the Force(s) Be With You

What forces? Can we talk?

Earth axis changes continuously
Earth’s Rotational Axis

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), scientists who actually measure and track the position of the earth’s axis, the axis moves about seven (7) inches per year. In a recent NASA article, “Earth’s spin axis drifts slowly around the poles; the farthest away it has wobbled since observations began is 37 feet (12 meters).”

What causes the axis to shift? Naturally, the Obama politically-driven NASA attributes ice sheet loss to human activity. Indeed, there is at least one human activity that affects the mass imbalance of the earth: the Three Gorges Dam in China.

Another force at work cannot be attributed to human activities is the effect of the moon slowly moving away from the earth. As reported on the website, “In the case of the moon, it is moving away from us at a rate of 3.78 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year. In addition, the moon also exerts a tiny pull on the tidal bulge and because the moon is slightly behind the bulge, it slows the rotation of the Earth by about 4 hours every billion years!”

Ever since Al Gore was awarded a Nobel Prize for his slide show, the rush has been on to shut down humanity, one way or another. Back in the 1970’s the alarmists predicted a new ice age. In recent years they changed the threat to anthropogenic global warming.

So, the arguments demand an answer to how the Sahara Desert changed from lush forests and flowing rivers to the vast dry desert we know today? Who was responsible for previous ice ages?

Consider the story of Glacier Girl, a WW2 P38 recovered from Greenland where it lay at rest as ice accumulated over her to a depth of 268 feet.

If after reading to this point, you remain convinced all this climate change/global warming is the consequence of human activity, you will never be convinced otherwise.

On the other hand, if you have read this far and now understand the unrealistic notion of man-caused climate change, talk with your friends, research the facts on your own and finally demand action by Congress to halt rogue takeover of American industries and American lives through bureaucratic regulations produced by un-elected bureaucrats.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Posted April 10, 2016 AD

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