ObamaCare Morphs Into TrumpCare – What is the definition of insanity?

April 14, 2016, AD

How successful has ObamaCare worked for America? In a March 2016 article published in MarketWatch.com, seven key points shout ‘failure’ of this socialist experiment, an economic ‘wrecking ball’ from which we will suffer the consequences for generations to come.

MarketWatch: 7 Obamacare failures that have hurt Americans

  1. Low enrollment
  2. High numbers of uninsured
  3. Lost doctors
  4. Lost plans
  5. Higher premiums
  6. Higher deductibles
  7. Higher costs

ObamaCare is a problem in search of a solution. The divergent campaigns run by the two Republican contenders offer two alternatives to ObamaCare.

  • Donald Trump’s vision is to cover everyone. Medicare for the entire nation? If we can’t fund medicare, how do we fund a dramatic increase in Medicare borrowing?
  • Ted Cruz has the simple and most practical solution: repeal ObamaCare entirely.

As you can see in the below federal budget pie chart, Medicare presently consumes 27% of the entire budget.

Social Security is the other budget ‘gorilla’ in the room at fully one-third of all federal government spending.Countries where socialism has failed

On the Democrat side of things, Hillary and Bernie want MORE federal government spending on social welfare. On the Republican side of things, Ted Cruz wants to shrink the size of federal government to restore our country to prosperity. Donald Trump? Where is he on the economic spectrum? Is he not on the left, over there with Bernie and Hillary?

Free market capitalism works 100% of the time. Socialism inevitably fails, because it will forever remain an unproven economic theory.

Countries where socialism has failed

  • Here on our soil, the Pilgrims tried it. They discovered if not for free market competition and personal responsibility they would all soon die of hunger.
  • Cuba is the ultimate failure. In 1959, Cuba was the fourth largest economy in the western hemisphere and the Cuban people enjoyed a higher standard of living than U.S. citizens. It is not a success of socialism that Cuba maintains its course; socialism continues due to a communist government that has total control of everything.
  • Venezuela is gasping for breath. ‘Bernie voters’ chose the mess they now have to live with. It’s not yet a communist country so there is an opportunity for reversal, but it will continue to be painful for all involved.
  • Argentina is a socialist experiment blended with crony capitalism.
  • Brazil, another glorious socialist paradise, is on the verge of collapse. Keep in mind the enormity of that beautiful nation and its wonderful people. We must not dismiss the importance of a sister nation larger than the continental United States where the greater São Paulo metroplex has a population (33 million) greater than the great state of Texas (28 million).

Countries where socialism has succeeded

(there are none, zero, zip

In the failure list, you notice Russia and China are conspicuously absent. This is because the two discovered the hard way the impossibility of socialism. One local business Rockwall-area owner has served to instruct Chinese entrepreneurs on the properties and simplicities of capitalism. He once said to me, “The Chinese do capitalism better than we Americans.”

For which Republican will I cast my vote? My choice is the man who reads and studies the U.S. Constitution, the man who pledges to restore America’s greatness by means of shrinking tyrannical federal government that chokes the life out of American businesses through a flood of bureaucratic regulations. There are two reasons for American business owners to invest in other countries:

There are two reasons for American business owners to invest in other countries: to escape onerous regulations and lower corporate taxes. By the way, Donald Trump is one of those very wealthy Americans who has offshore investments for the same reasons as Ford, General Motors, and others.

Let’s restore greatness to America by first of all honoring our Creator, second by returning to the economic system that made us the most prosperous nation in all history.

Toqueville - Democracy in America

America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Let’s restore the goodness. Greatness will follow.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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