Beyond the Galaxy – Pseudo Scientific Escapism

April 15, 2016, AD

Uber rich and the unproven Inteligencia, including Carl Sagan (deceased and still on or under the earth), Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and so on, they dream of travel to another planet, a shining planet like Earth in a galaxy far, far away.

Among the above named are one or two who envision settling a colony on Mars. Why?

There is a close relationship between atheism and pseudo-science. If in your worldview we are but spontaneous products of billions of years of evolution, creatures formed without a creator, unplanned accidents of evolution, it’s understandable.

Worldviews in Contrast

Atheistic Worldview

If in your worldview we are but spontaneous products of billions of years of evolution, creatures formed without a creator, unplanned accidents of evolution, it’s understandable. Adopting such a worldview, you are threatened with overpopulation and a very nasty end of human existence on this planet and find it therefore, imperative a new home planet be found.

Your fellow  humanists point to the misery and poverty of India where the population density is approximately 1,156 people per mi2. Unsustainable to the most casual observer – right? Let’s compare India, a place unknown to most Americans, to one of our 50 states known to most Americans: New Jersey.

An approximate 2016 New Jersey state population of 8,985,500 persons inhabiting 1,029 mi2 yields a population density of 1,029 persons per mi2. Question: Does NJ Governor Chris Christie appear emaciated to you? (Coincidentally, the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino are located in Atlantic City, New Jersey; the original Taj Mahal is located in the Indian state of Agra. Obviously, the earth is nowhere near its ultimate capacity to sustain life.

Judeo-Christian Worldview

My worldview sees the intricacies of all living things. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequences, and Fractals underscore the fact of design by a designer. Try as you may, never in all history can are there documented, repeatable scientific instances whereby chemicals thrown together spontaneously create life.

Furthermore, my Christian worldview accepts at face value the promises of God. For example, the He will supply all my needs, meaning there will never be a time when earth’s resources become depleted.

As a third-grade child, I was taught that the world would run out of oil within 20 years. More than sixty years later on, Texas alone now has greater proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. In fact, a recent glut of crude oil caused the price per barrel to plummet down to around $32 per barrel.

God supplies all my needs at just the right time, often at the 11th hour, even the 11th hour and 59th minute.

Not to confuse Mormonism with Christianity, I point back in time to the old 1970s era TV show Battlestar Galactica in which the actors were searching for a shining planet called Earth.

In Conclusion

Yes, pseudo-scientists yearn for another planet to which only the elite of society may escape. NASA squanders billions of dollars in search of ‘intelligent life’ on another planet far, far away.

Earth is in perfect balance. I could address the issue of CO2 and the pseudo-science of global warming/climate change, but I defer to another time.

I do urge you to be alarmed at how pseudo-scientists gain the upper hand: control of the government, control of public discourse.


a new low in science
20 scientists sent a letter to the White House calling for their political opponents to be investigated

Censorship, persecution, and political corruption are the tools of a totalitarian state. This band of theorists violates the tenets of sound science. They eschew the scientific method in favor of a belief system tantamount to pagan religion.

Our beloved Constitution is at peril. Therefore, our liberties, our fundamental, natural rights are also at peril.

What will you do to preserve the republic?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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