Bottom of the Ninth – Bases Loaded, Trump Strikes Out

Instead of jeering at Cruz for his hustle, Trump fans should boo their own candidate for fielder’s indifference.
Let’s get past the rah-rah of Trump’s campaign and get to know the man as he really is.
“Ink Ted Cruz to a Four-Year Contract” – National Review
“Donald Trump’s hypocrisy on trade: he outsources and invests globally, but doesn’t want Ford to do the same?” – AEI
“The Backstory on Donald Trump’s Four Bankruptcies” – The Street
“NBC fires Donald Trump after he calls Mexicans rapists and drug runners” – Business Insider
donald trump finger in the airdonald trump made in chinadonald trump made in mexico

Do I ask too much of Trump fans?

We are fortunate to have two candidates running on the Republican ticket who are both hated by establishment politicians. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are both anti-establishment and their mistrust and disgust with establishment Republican lawmakers is well deserved and not without merit.

The question before us is not the ‘fix’ for the Washington Beltway Bullies. The question before us is the right choice for the man who can aright our ship of state.

For me, the choice is obvious: Ted Cruz is the candidate with a track record of defeating leftist matters before the Supreme Court. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a track record of supporting leftist politicians. Not once in his lifetime has Ted Cruz praised Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as has The Donald.

Be angry and sin not, says the Bible. It’s good to be angry. I’m angry. God created anger to motivate us to action and we have been given responsibility for our actions.


John White
Rockwall, Texas

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