American Freedom – Slip Sliding Away: 2016 Elections

Cuban-American Filmmaker Warns America Morphing Into Communist Country ‪#‎progressives‬


A Cuban friend, now deceased, was one of the several wealthy Cuban businessmen who financed Castro’s revolution. In 1959, Cuba was rife with corruption under the presidency of Fulgencio Batista. Castro promised “hope and change”.

My conversation with the now deceased friend took place in the Spring of 2009, shortly after Barack Obama assumed the office of Presidency.

The friend told me, “I see parallels between Castro and your Obama….He never told us he was communist.”

From the Daily Caller read, “Cuban-American Filmmaker Warns America Is Morphing Into Communist Country”

My friend sternly warned me, his finger pointed to my face: “John, you have to warn your people.” I have been warning, but it’s as though the American people to whom I relate the threat of communism in our country cannot imagine such a thing happening to us. It’s happening, people.

Why should we elect a president who will restore the rule of law prescribed in our Constitution? I have to ask?

Make no mistake about it. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden represent a spectrum of leftists – progressives – whose agenda is to dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America.

We will experience a global economic collapse for which the severity will no doubt set the stage for public disorder, a national crisis, that will provide a progressive/leftist president cover for a state of emergency. If this happens, the Congress will be suspended and various heavily-armed federal bureaucracies will rule us.

God will give us the president we want. If a majority of our electors believe the salacious lies, the slanders against Ted Cruz, they will betray us at the GOP National Convention.

Is Donald Trump truly a conservative Republican? What are our Republican values? Are we pro-LGBT? No, we are not, but Donald is. Are we pro-socialized medical care? No, but Donald is. Donald’s stance on gun control and other issues conveniently changed to tickle the ears of voters. Ted Cruz is a proven conservative whose world view has consistently reflected the broad values of conservative Americans.

The National Day of Prayer falls on Thursday this week. I pray God will open the spiritual eyes of our people to the devastating consequences of not reversing our slide toward the abyss of communism.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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