Homosexuality and Tyranny: Bedfellows for over 4,000 years

Two recent incidents in which communist heads-of-state set homosexuality above normal heterosexual families.
Example no. 1 – 14 May 2016: Raul Castro LEADS a march of LGBT activists in Havana. Theme: “Yes to Socialism, No to Homophobia” Source: Martinoticias.com http://ow.ly/OdvT300d1YT
yes to socialism - no to homophobia.png
Example no. 2 – 26 June 2015: Barack Obama lights up OUR White House with ‘rainbow’ colors to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling that unconstitutionally legalized same-sex marriage around the country. Source: The Hill http://ow.ly/Clrg300d2gP
Homosexuality isn’t a new phenomenon. I believe The first homosexual act was around 2500 BC, as recorded in the Bible, Genesis 9:20-26. “…Noah awoke from his wine, and knew the thing which his youngest son had done to him…
What was the Apostle Paul writing about when he penned these words found in Romans 1:25-27? “And the men also turned from natural relations with women and were set ablaze (burning out, consumed) with lust for one another—men committing shameful acts with men and suffering in their own [a]bodies and personalities the inevitable consequences and penalty of their wrong-doing and going astray, which was [their] fitting retribution.
Paul was describing the Roman culture of his era. Walid Shoebat explains:
“We complain of the sodomite movement, but we must realize that we are heading toward a revival of an ancient utopia much more depraved than now, because in antiquity homosexuality was the norm, not only that, it was a part of religion and government.”
“In ancient Rome homosexuality was most common, it was not solely a preferable activity, but interconnected with the religion, the state, and the culture. Homosexuality was as ordinary as marriage and more preferable, and the pagan Caesars themselves were open sodomites. Jupiter, or the tutelar god of the empire, was a homosexual deity who satisfied his lusts with the Trojan Ganymede, and another young man named Fabius.”
“Because of the sodomite behaviour of the gods, their worshippers would see no wrong in plunging deeper in their depravity and being homosexual themselves. Their mindset was, if the gods do it, then I could, and should, too.” Source “The Homosexual Empire” http://ow.ly/CSM8300d3bZ
The above history explains why the Romans sought to stamp out Christianity through crucifixions, the feeding of Christians to lions, etc.
The Sturmabteilung (storm department), better known to students of history as “The Brown Shirts”, served as the military wing of the Nazi party. Simply stated: they were domestic terrorists used by Adolph Hitler. They were the useful idiots of a tyrant.
Three years ago Linda Harvey highlighted 12 incidents of homosexual tyranny here in these United States in an article titled “12 CHILLING INCIDENTS OF LGBT TYRANNY” http://ow.ly/JVkL300d3Tl
What has happened most recently? The Federal government now mandates arbitrary ‘bathroom rights’ that allow men to enter restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms in all public schools, spaces traditionally reserved for women and girls. Source: NY Times “U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms” http://ow.ly/hTRA300d4cF
gender neutral bathrooms
Homosexuality and tyranny have long been ‘bedfellows’. The ultimate goal of homosexuals is not equality with Christians, but the obliteration of Christianity.
Here in the little city of Rockwall our mayor proposed an ordinance subsequent to anti-Christian/pro-homosexual corporate policies, but homosexual activist en masse intimidated his fellow council members from allowing a public discussion of the ordinance.
If I were a Canadian citizen writing the above in that country, I would be rigorously prosecuted and severely punished. The homosexual tyrants now control Canadian government. Our own nation is now poised to follow suit.
This 2016 election cycle must not fall into the hands of God-hating Democrats.
I urge three actions: ask God for wisdom, pray for the salvation of America and vote Republican candidates into office.
May God bless America and God bless Texas.
John White
Rockwall, Texas
For further understanding, read “President Obama Ignores Cold War Lessons for Counterjihad at America’s Peril” by Sebastian Gorka

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