Frisky Frisco HD-33 Candidate Streaeaeaeaeaches the Truth

Heard on the radio this morning: John Keating says Justin Holland raised City of Heath taxes 24%.


What are the facts?

City of Heath Ad Valorem Tax Rate: $0.42/$100 valuation
Official source:

City of Frisco Ad Valorem Tax Rate: $0.46/$100 valuation
Official source:

Justin A. Holland is a full-time family man, full-time businessman and full-time Heath city councilman.

How does John Keating compare?

John Keating is an ABSENTEE Frisco city councilman.

In summary, yes, the Heath City Council raised taxes. However, John Keating and his Frisco City Council have raised taxes numerous times AND Frisco city property taxes are HIGHER than Heath city property taxes.

Bottom line: Keating is a hypocrite on property taxes. How can you trust him to help hold down property taxes? The answer is obvious: John Keating is not trustworthy in the matter of property taxes. As with ever so many politicians, Keating will say whatever it takes to capture your heart and your vote.

Early voting is underway now. Election day is next Tuesday.

Let’s elect a true representative, a businessman who has “skin in the game” with respect to property taxes.

Thank you for standing with your Rockwall neighbors.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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