We the People of Rockwall County want a Representative – Get the picture?

we want a representative - get the picture

What the verb ‘represent’ means.

“to stand or act in place of, as an agent or substitute, or on behalf of.”

My TEA Party friends to the south successfully got their representative elected. But, now they lost him this election cycle because they gave themselves over to the Empower Texans agenda that interferes in local elections. Yes, elections for state representatives are local elections. In our case, we the people of Rockwall County know whom we want to represent us.

A member of the Texas House of Representatives was in Rockwall campaigning against us. He ardently promotes the Frisco fellow. Why? Because the Frisco fellow is the favorite of Empower Texans.

So it was this out-of-district representative and I discussed the matter of representation. Basically, his understanding of the above-defined word is he will do what he thinks best for his constituents (as in father knows best).

My attempt to convey the reason we choose Rockwall County native Justin A. Holland over the Frisco fellow is simply this: Justin will REPRESENT us in Austin, not a special interest group. You who attended the candidate forum at Rockwall High School will remember his pledge to vote the will of the people over his own interests.

ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, May 24. Polls will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Our voting strength is 54,433. To not vote for our Rockwall candidate is, by default, a vote for the out of town candidate. Getting out the vote is our key to victory. At church, in the marketplace, or while walking the neighborhood, encourage your friends to vote for Justin Holland on Election Day.

Learn more about Justin here: http://www.justinholland.org/

Unsure of your Precinct? Look to this map: http://ow.ly/LhEV300r61V

Scroll down to page two to find your precinct’s voting location:http://ow.ly/ZJ7M300r6fF

John White
29 year resident of Rockwall County
Decorated Vietnam-era Navy veteran
Civilian Vietnam veteran
Father, grandfather, property owner, local business owner
An old man who actually knows Justin personally

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