Gun-Free Zone Property Owners Must be Responsible For Personal Injury

Personal self-defense isn’t a new idea. In fact, the first murder ever was one brother killing a sibling thousands of years ago. Bad guys are not a new invention either; they have gun free zone invitation to criminalsforever been with us. Bottom line: the right to self-defense is a God-given natural right. Self-defense is natural to all men and women.

Our Constitutionally guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear arms has its roots in English common law. The 1689 Bill of Rights guaranteed Protestants the right to keep and bear arms and was the inspiration to our lawmakers to include the Second Amendment in our U.S. Bill of Rights.

Paradoxically, as more state legislatures pass legislation allowing citizens to keep and bear arms, there are businesses and organizations owned or overseen by progressives who then prohibit firearms on their respective properties.

On July 1, 2016 Senate Bill 1736 becomes the law of the land in the state of Tennessee. The intent of the bill is thus:

“This bill creates a cause of action whereby any permit holder who is harmed while on posted premises or traversing any area to and from the premises and the location where the permit holder’s firearm is stored may bring suit against the person who posted the property. The full text of this bill specifies the burden of proof that a plaintiff must meet in order to prevail in a suit brought under this bill. In addition to damages, a permit holder who brings a suit under this bill will be entitled to attorney fees and costs. The statute of limitations for actions brought under this bill will be two years.

“This bill requires that any person who posts their property to prohibit firearms on the premises must use a sign that includes language citing this bill and the duty of care that such person owes to permit holders.” – SB 1736 Summary

I ask fellow Texans to join me to advance and pay similar legislation in the 2017 Texas Legislature.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Loretta Lynch-Hillary Clinton Nexus – A Call for a Special Prosecutor

Honorable John Ratcliffe

loretta lynch - hillary clinton
Photo: ABC News

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Subject: Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton misdeeds

Congressman Ratcliffe,

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton met on a private airplane this week at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Numerous news media reported the meeting. The  below-linked ABC News story includes a statement by Ms. Lynch in which she confirms the meeting.

Link to ABC15 Phoenix News: US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report

She was first appointed to the to the post of U.S. attorney for New York’s Eastern District in 1999 by then-president Bill Clinton. President Barack Obama appointed her a second time to that post in 2010.

The Lynch-Clinton meeting occurred mere hours before publication of the Benghazi report. Leading up to the Benghazi report, sworn testimony before Congress disclosed unlawful acts and allegations of official misconduct by Hillary Clinton during her term as Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

I do not believe Loretta Lynch can objectively prosecute Hillary Clinton. Do not the facts speak for themselves?

Our Republic has a long tradition of openness and it can only continue by adherence to the Rule of Law. In these perilous times, we have a chief executive who eschews the Rule of Law. Our people bear witness and the nations of the world bear witness to an ever-growing menace of dictatorial tyranny. A “pen and a telephone” are not suitable substitutes for Constitutional government. Loretta Lynch’s behavior mirrors the lawless behavior of this sitting president.

Therefore, I ask you to urge our two U.S. Senators to demand the appointment of an independent prosecutor.


John White
Rockwall, Texas

al-Qaeda got the word from Obama: Kill Only White People

killing white people is not a hate crime.png

Obama and his Muslim sympathizer executives have been saying all along that killing white people cannot be labeled a Hate_Crime‬.

Finally, al-Qaeda gets the message Obama has been trumpeting: KILL ONLY WHITE PEOPLE.

I quote from Foreign Desk News:

“Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has published a guide urging jihadis to carry out more ‘lone wolf’ operations in the U.S. following the deadly terror attack in Orlando earlier this month and to set their sights on the targeting of white Americans.

“The publication, “Inspire guide: Orlando operation,” which seeks to capitalize on the terror attack carried out by gunman Omar Mateen who pledged allegiance to ISIS, plainly encourages extremists to attack Americans.

“While Mateen chose to target what the guide refers to as a “homosexual nightclub,” noting that killing gay people is “the most binding duty and closer to human nature,” it suggests to “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found in America,” because “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”” Link to full article:

Therefore, if you are classified as “white” or “Anglo”, I suggest you dine in Mexican, oriental and soul food establishments.

Muslim jihadis are okay with the label of terrorist, but they very much hold the label of racist and the mantle of hate-crime in disdain.

Be sure to send a thank you card to Barack H. Obama. Tell him how much you truly appreciate his fundamental transformation of America.

Mail thank you cards to:

The White House
Attention: Barack Hussein Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Sarcasm aside, do you need further motivation to vote Republican in November?

Let’s GET OUT THE VOTE! Encourage everyone you know to register and to vote Republican.

God, have mercy on us. God, bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

2016 – Year of the Woman Voter

Women were not always able to vote. Learn a little from Texas history about the woman’s right to vote from the TSHA.

“On [June 28] in 1919, the Texas Senate ratified the national amendment granting women the right to vote. Texas thus became the first Southern state to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment and the ninth in the nation. Woman suffrage had been discussed in Texas as early as the Constitutional Convention of 1868. The short-lived Texas Equal Rights Association (1893-96) helped organize a suffrage movement. The Texas Equal Suffrage Association, a state chapter of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, led the fight for suffrage from 1913 on, and achieved one of its key goals when it won the right for women to vote in primary elections in 1918. Feelings ran strong on both sides of the issue; some women joined the Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. In June 1919 a woman suffrage amendment was sent to the states for approval. The Texas House passed the amendment on June 23 and the Texas Senate on June 28.”

If Democrat socialists continue control of our federal government, the Constitution as we know it will become a relic of the past.

Consider recent news stories to understand the peril to our hard-won liberties.

A Plan of Action for Texas Women

  1. Register to vote
  2. Enlist your neighbors, church members, family members and co-workers to register to vote
  3. As election day, better yet early voting, approaches, follow up on those registered voters named in (2) above.

This may very well be the last free and fair federal election. If America is to endure, Americans must vote. Can you be counted on?

Get Out The Vote

God bless Texas and God bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

The Orlando Massacre: LGBT-Islam-DOJ-ISIS-Mental Illness enigmatic imbroglio

loretta lynch says DOJ stands with LGBT community

What We Know

The mass murderer was a homosexual Muslim terrorist who was also apparently mentally ill. Loretta Lynch’s response? Accuse Christians, conservatives and gun owners.

Related news stories:

1-AG Loretta Lynch to Orlando LGBT Community: The DOJ ‘Stands with You in the Light’
2-Omar Mateen’s Alleged Male Lover: ‘He Did It For Revenge’ Against Latino Men
3-Man Who Worshiped At Same Mosque As Orlando Gunman Reported Him To FBI
4-In Wake of Orlando Shooting, Obama, Others Call for Stricter Gun Laws
5-Islamic State claims responsibility for Orlando nightclub shooting
6-Was shooter’s ex-wife right to call him ‘bipolar’?

How Should We Respond?

“According to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was a mental illness.  Freud had alluded to homosexuality numerous times in his writings, and had concluded that paranoia and homosexuality were inseparable.  Other psychiatrists wrote copiously on the subject, and homosexuality was “treated” on a wide basis.  There was little or no suggestion within the psychiatric community that homosexuality might be conceptualized as anything other than a mental illness that needed to be treated…” – Behaviorism and Mental Health

Homosexuality is the mental illness that went away? No, it is the mental illness that was ‘legitimized’ by political correctness.

One must not ignore statistics and facts. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “LGBTQ youth are also at increased risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors, suicide attempts, and suicide. A nationally representative study of adolescents in grades 7–12 found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth were more than twice as likely to have attempted suicide as their heterosexual peers.”

Our response should be honest, forthright, clinically sound and deeply compassionate.

We who willingly accept the facts of mental illness and official suicide statistics must stand against the politically-correct winds emanating from the left, the Democrat Party and their leader, Barack Obama, to come to the aid of young Americans who have succumbed to the deception that homosexuality is ‘normal’.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

NY Times Says Hugo Chavez was Very Much a Democrat

Hugo Chavez led his country of Venezuela on a path of all-out socialism. What is the outcome? Hunger. Extreme poverty. Desperation. Rampant crime. Murder. Shortages of everything, including medicines.

Writing for the New York Times, Andes bureau chief Nicholas Casey deflects blame from the socialist government of Nicholas Maduro, attributing instead “consumerism” as the cause of the multitude of life-threatening problems in Venezuela.

NY Times: Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation

Most telling about the underlying “New York values” that frame the worldview of Nicholas Casey is his denial of truth. As though praising the legacy of Hugo Chavez, Casey was quoted by MRCTV from a National Public Radio’s Fresh Air interview where he labeled the late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez as a “very much a democrat in a lot of ways.

democrat party hijacked by the socialists

Dictionaries universally define socialism as an economic theory because it has never been proven to be a sustainable economic model.

Hugo Chavez, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Castro brothers are ardent Marxists.

The 2016 Democrat Party is not the party of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Harry Truman.

Mr. Casey is correct: Hugo Chavez was a modern Democrat equal in every respect to the socialists leading that party in 2016.

Americans do not want to follow a path to all-out destruction of our American way of life. Ask yourself, to which countries do refugees from socialist countries flee? America is the last best hope for the world. If we fall to all-out socialism, to where shall we flee?

What’s the cure? Vote and vote Republican in November.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Vince Scully speaks to socialism in Venezuela: Who’s the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez.

A Little Bit of Texas History – Juneteenth 2016

On this day, 151 years ago Union general Gordon Granger proclaimed General Order Number 3 in Galveston; I quote in part:
“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.”
Apart from historical context, one cannot appreciate the magnitude of slave labor in our state.
The first census ever was performed in 1850. At that time, according to the TSHA, “the Texas population comprised 154,034 whites, 397 free Negroes, and 58,161 slaves.”
By 1860 the Texas population grew explosively up until the time of the Civil War when growth came to a standstill. The last official U.S. census before the war was done in 1860. By then, our state’s population was 604,215 persons.
That historical General Order liberated approximately 250,000 slaves or about 41% of the total population.
Liberation of slaves was not accomplished overnight but happened gradually over several months as plantation owners decided to inform African-Americans enslaved on their farms.
As freedmen took stock of their situations, they prepared to participate in government at all levels. Naturally, they voted Republican.
Freedmen voted Republican for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Democrats would not allow them to vote in the party of the plantation owners. Second, it was a natural thing to do because it was the leader of the Republican Party that freed therm.
Democrats energetically strived to prevent African-Americans from voting and to discourage political activities. Covered in white sheets, wearing pointed hats, Democrats organized as the Ku Klux Klan, the KKK in order to retain power in the state. Over time, the KKK murdered thousands. Their targets were not blacks per se, but REPUBLICANS, during the 1865 to 1877 phase of the Klan. The Tuskeegee Institute estimates 1,500 total murders, 1,200 blacks, and 300 whites. The second phase was from 1915 to 1944 during which time 416 persons were lynched, all black except one Jew. Among those murdered were WW1 returning veterans.
As of 2014, there were 18 known KKK organizations active in our state of Texas [Ref: ]
Can’t happen in our time? Yes, it can. In fact, the lynch mobs have swapped roles. Blacks now kill more blacks than the sum of all Klan lynchings.
There can be no political solution. Only God can change the hearts of sinful men. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this. Our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence declare all men are created equal, that the duty of government is to secure our God-given rights.
As it is written [1 Timothy 2:1-3] we must “pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Savior”.
God bless America. God bless Texas
John White
Rockwall, Texas