NY Times Says Hugo Chavez was Very Much a Democrat

Hugo Chavez led his country of Venezuela on a path of all-out socialism. What is the outcome? Hunger. Extreme poverty. Desperation. Rampant crime. Murder. Shortages of everything, including medicines.

Writing for the New York Times, Andes bureau chief Nicholas Casey deflects blame from the socialist government of Nicholas Maduro, attributing instead “consumerism” as the cause of the multitude of life-threatening problems in Venezuela.

NY Times: Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation

Most telling about the underlying “New York values” that frame the worldview of Nicholas Casey is his denial of truth. As though praising the legacy of Hugo Chavez, Casey was quoted by MRCTV from a National Public Radio’s Fresh Air interview where he labeled the late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez as a “very much a democrat in a lot of ways.

democrat party hijacked by the socialists

Dictionaries universally define socialism as an economic theory because it has never been proven to be a sustainable economic model.

Hugo Chavez, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Castro brothers are ardent Marxists.

The 2016 Democrat Party is not the party of Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Harry Truman.

Mr. Casey is correct: Hugo Chavez was a modern Democrat equal in every respect to the socialists leading that party in 2016.

Americans do not want to follow a path to all-out destruction of our American way of life. Ask yourself, to which countries do refugees from socialist countries flee? America is the last best hope for the world. If we fall to all-out socialism, to where shall we flee?

What’s the cure? Vote and vote Republican in November.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Vince Scully speaks to socialism in Venezuela: Who’s the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez.

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