Irony: The Party of the Rule of Law Undermines the Rule of Law

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A friend asked via email my opinion about a posting by the “never Trump” people on why they believe Donald Trump’s nomination should be undermined by a rule change at the RNC. Full disclosure: I voted for Ted Cruz, as did 2/3 of all Republican voters in Texas.

For reference, here’s a link to the posting by the ‘Never Trump’ people.

Herewith my reply.

The author of the piece starts off saying, “we believe in ordered liberty – maximum freedom under a civil law that is minimal but clear, respected and well-enforced”. What’s he saying? He says he believes in the rule of law, playing by the rules. Is this not what he says?

The two top Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, played by the rules of the national and state party rules to win the delegates they each earned. In fact, if Donald had known the rules better, his margin would have been significantly higher. I point to Colorado and Iowa primaries for examples.

Like it or not, Donald Trump won the requisite delegates to be the party nominee for president.

These people listed along with the “never Trump” groups successfully persuaded the RNC to change the rules that were in place from start to finish in the primary races. The Rules Committee cites historical rules. Historical rules were fine back when they were the rules in play.

Changing the rules now to “unbind” delegates to “vote their conscience” betrays the voters and the process.

How are the “never Trump” people and the Rule Committee following this timeless principle of the Rule of Law?

On my part, I’m working to turn out the vote. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary race, but Trump won the delegates necessary to automatically win the nomination.

If the delegates ignore the will of the voters and the rules by which the primary races were run, I believe there will be a major revolt by the voters. The Republican Party as we have known it will be finished.

The people are angry. The people are fearful of the immediate future. The people who voted for Trump will be disenfranchised, if treachery by the Rules Committee and the “never Trump” establishment Republicans kill his nomination.

Establishment Republicans promised to de-fund ObamaCare. They said whatever it took for them to be reelected, but then gave Obama all he wanted and even more than he asked for. The 20 trillion dollar debt hanging over us now cannot be laid at the feet of Obama; it was fully authorized by a solid Republican majority in both houses of Congress. Establishment Republicans like Boehner, Ryan and others are as much to blame as Obama himself for betraying us.

Have you heard of the “Reagan Democrats” who helped Ronald Reagan win the White House? I am one of them. I was a Reagan Democrat.

Hard Democrats will vote the party nominee regardless the qualities of their candidate. It’s that way with hard Republicans. However, the great majority of voters are those in the middle. I was one of those middle voters who would routinely vote Democrat until Reagan came along. I am now classified as a Hard Republican and I understand who the Trump Democrats are and how they are effectively the “Never Hillary” people.

Now, you tell me what happens next.

My opinion: the establishment Republicans are undermining this election. Betraying the voters cannot go well for the party.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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