Correction Herald-Banner​:John King does NOT cause discord -Ignorance is the cause

The Rockwall Herald Banner reported Proposed John King swap causes discord, Friday, Herald Banner Discord Report  7-22-16 croppedJuly 22, 2016.

Apparently, Herald-Banner staff writer Joseph Alderman doesn’t look back into the paper’s archives. Public discussion around a bypass for SH-205 (Goliad) began over thirty years ago. “On November 8, 2005, the citizens of the City of Rockwall passed Proposition 1 to fund the design and construction of the new location SH 205 Bypass.”[source:]

Rockwall voters approved a bond election in 2005, which financed the construction of the “205 Bypass” by an overwhelming majority, with more than 70% in favor of the proposition. The “205 Bypass” (later named John King Blvd.) was then built as a four-lane roadway with sufficient right-of-way to add two additional interior lanes in the future. John King Blvd. now serves as a bypass route for SH 205, but is not officially designated as a state roadway. Construction of additional ramps on I-30 at John King Blvd. will soon be underway to enhance the functional use of John King Blvd. as an effective bypass route. [source:]

Five years later, the Rockwall Herald-Banner reported a public groundbreaking on May 14, 2010.

Herald Banner John King Ground Breaking 2010.png
If there is discord, it’s the product of ignorance aggravated by uninformed news reporting.

We the people of Rockwall voted for it. We’ve been paying for it and the new residents have been enjoying it. The faux outrage over the bypass is unwarranted.

john king boulevard segmentWhat did the new homebuyers imagine to be the future of the widest city street in the whole of the city of Rockwall? Soccer fields for children? Practice greens for golfers? Batting cages for little league players? No, the usual and customary use of right-of-way is roadway construction. It isn’t rocket science.

Some of our new residents seem to think they should be spoon-fed the entire history of the city, that somehow absent the spoon-feeding we the long-time residents of Rockwall conspired to deceive them.

Ignorantia juris non excusat

Ignorance of the law is inexcusable. This principle applies to all aspects of government. We citizens, collectively and individually, bear the responsibility to be informed. The City of Rockwall municipal government faithfully follows state law to assure information is readily available to anyone, including prospective homebuyers.

City staff readily answers questions that can be asked over the telephone, via email or application of the Texas Public Information Act.

Ignorance is not and excuse. Ignorance is a choice.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

8 thoughts on “Correction Herald-Banner​:John King does NOT cause discord -Ignorance is the cause

  1. Ignorance? Pot calling the Kettle Black? Try reading the article again, not to mention your post is a perfect example of “causing discord”. Neither the article or those of us raising objections are questioning that John King Blvd was and is designated to be a BYPASS, it is changing that to actually be designated as 205. Awfully rude post as well in response to those residents who are expressing concern using the appropriate channels without being rude and having done our homework by requesting all documents that pertain to the official actions taking. I respectfully request you do the same.

    1. The “discord” was the word used by the Rockwall Herald Banner, if you were to read this posting yourself.

      Regardless your refusal to accept facts of history and the will of the people of Rockwall, John King was always intended to become Highway 205.

      With respect to your accusation of rudeness, you confused my sarcasm for rudeness.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Apparently the author, John White, doesn’t comprehend what he reads. No one is contesting that John King was built to be a SH 205 bypass. No one is contesting that is was voted for in an overwhelming majority.

    The root of the discord comes from the City’s recommendation that the BYPASS become THE STATE HIGHWAY. Words matter and the difference between living on a bypass and the state highway is significant.

    Homeowners (including myself) along John King don’t expect soccer fields or putting greens or any of the other things you suggested. No, we expect what the City proposed and approved in their 2012 master plan for John King. As new residents, we did our due diligence and looked at what the City wanted to do with the “widest city street in the whole city of Rockwall”. There on the city website is the comprehensive plan for the City of Rockwall ( It’s even got a proclamation at the beginning signed by the City Council and Mayor. As a new resident, I think that would be a really good resource to look at and see what the city wants to do in the future. And what do you know, there’s a WHOLE SECTION dedicated to the future vision of John King Boulevard. At no point in the approximately 40 pages outlining the vision for John King does it say anything about the City wanting to make it SH 205. Instead, it outlines walking/hiking paths down the stretch of roadway with rest stops that have water fountains and pet drinking stations. I think any logical person would look at this and assume this is not the plan for a state highway. Instead, it’s the city planning for and building a road that connects neighborhoods and encourages outdoor activity. This is where residents can walk their pets, play with their kids, ride their bikes and enjoy being outside.

    So no, I don’t expect to be spoon-fed the entire history of the city. But I do expect the long-term residents to treat us new folks with some respect and not treat us like second-class citizens. And I’d expect the long-term residents to accurately portray the “entire history” of the city. (Check the City Council meeting minutes from July 16, 2007. You’ll see the city decided to construct the road to city standards because the city didn’t do their due diligence on what was needed to construct a state highway. This story about an agreement being in place but TxDOT changed their standards mid construction is completely bogus.)

    You are correct. Ignorance is not AN excuse. So maybe you should do some actual reading and figure out what is causing the discord before making wild accusations and insulting your fellow Rockwall residents.

  3. Being the lady that I am I will not respond to the ignorant author of this article. I am so tired of hearing that John King was always destined to become a highway and the voters approved it in 2005. Why did the project not start then in 2005 and why would the officials of Rockwall allow builders to build homes along John King if that was the case? A highway does not belong going through a residential area. Period the end. That is not ignorant but common sense. This article is rude, cruel and baseless to call the residents along John King or anyone else ignorant who do not agree with this highway plan. Shame shame on this author

    1. Catherine, the project was “started” as far back as 1984. Major roads and highways start as discussions, evolve through evaluations, become plans, then culminate in construction, this process takes years.

      This “ignorant author” to whom you said you would not respond (but did) has lived in Rockwall 30 years. During that time I have participated in city and county government on boards, committees and citizen participant in a road bond election.

      As Winston Churchill wisely said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

      1. I will not go back in forth with you on this issue. I originally responded to that article because I was highly insulted that the residents and myself along John King were called “ignorant.” This plan may have been in the works since 1984 and voted on in 2005, however the demographics of John King have changed dramatically since then. There are numerous new housing communities along John King now and as a new resident of Rockwall and all the other new families have a right to fight this highway. The city of Rockwall should never have allowed the builders to build along John King if they intended it to be a highway. A highway has no place going through a residential area and that can not be disputed. You are entitled to your opinion as I am and it appears we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I will leave it at that. Good day.

      2. Uh, Catherine, you are going back and forth. How was I incorrect? Are you saying you did know John King was intended to be Highway 205?

        Naturally you have the right to protest, as guaranteed by the First Amendment right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

        Addressing the very important principle of private property rights, the duty of all governments, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, is to “secure these rights”, one being property rights.

        The property on either side of John King was at one time farm land within the ETJ. As the city grew, the land was annexed, as per law, and initially zone agricultural, for the most part. As things progress, property owners request zoning for this or that reason, their requests tempered by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

        While cows were still munching their cuds, John King Boulevard was planned to be Highway 205 for the simple reason the old route cannot handle all the traffic. It’s a usual and customary practice for planners to foresee growth and make provisions for future transportation needs to accommodate that growth.

        The Regional Transportation Council (RTC), the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG),. the Texas Transportation Department (TxDot), Rockwall County Commissioners Court and affected municipalities work together to assure adequate transportation (roads and highways) to facilitate mutual prosperity and safety.

        Way back in 2008, I was on the County Road Bond Committee that supported a $100 million road bond from which the southern half of Ridge Road was expanded. Yes, there were residents alongside that two-lane blacktop road who objected, but now are very thankful for the four-lane divided highway that replaced it.

        There is already planning underway to expand I-30 to 4 lanes each side. All you see now is but a blip on the radar of road construction ‘radar’ when compared to the Outer Loop planned to cut through the heart of Rockwall County.

        It’s human nature to opposes change. In the 30 years we have lived here, our city has dramatically transformed form a 7,000 person hamlet into a regional mercantile center and I love it all.

        Here’s something you will want to know.

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