Marriage 101

Marriage is more than a union of two people who love each other. Learn from the Bible the four meanings of the word love.

  • Eros – should be understood as love of the body. Erotic love. This word is so base that it appears not once in the Bible. The biblical word of the same meaning is lust, excitement of the mind, longing after, to reach out after, to covet. [Greek 3715, 3713, 3735]
  • Phileo – friendship or brotherly love, should be understood as love of the soul. [Greek 5368]
  • Agape – love which centers in moral preference. This is sacrificial love, as a parent has for children and as God has for his people. [Greek 28]
  • Philóstorgos – love of family, tenderly loving, to be kindly affectionate to someone. This unique word appears only once in Romans 12:10, kindly affectioned, genuine affection [Greek 5387]

God’s first command to mankind was to be fruitful and multiply. Since my earliest childhood, I understood the chief duty of a married couple is to reproduce, have babies, grow the population. This mission can only be carried out by the marriage of Adam and Eve. It cannot and does not work in a marriage of Adam and Steve.


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