Global Warming? How is it Antarctica is under record ice coverage?

The ice is melting! The ice is melting!
As predictable as, well Summer in the northern hemisphere, the global-warming/climate-change histrionics arise. Summer brings forth reports of arctic ice and Greenland glaciers melting. Well, that’s what northern hemisphere glaciers and Arctic sea ice do when the weather warms: the ice melts.

The Obama administration has so politicized federal agencies as ‘propaganda ministries’ I scarce know where to start. But, let’s take into consideration a few facts.

First of all, reliable Arctic sea ice measurements have been ongoing only about 36 years. Second, the 2015 northern hemisphere winter turns global-warming claims on their heads. As reported by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) , “On September 11, 2015, sea ice extent dropped to 4.41 million square kilometers (1.70 million square miles), the fourth lowest minimum in the satellite record.”

antarctica ice cover 2016.png
antarctica topography under the ice.png
Obama’s global-warming propagandizers continue to announce contradictory facts, touting a warming earth, but the record growth of global sea ice is indisputable.

There are scientists who predict an imminent ice age while naysayers deny any such thing. Those who foresee a new ice age enjoy a perspective tempered by history and solar sunspot activity.

Global warming alarmists have undergone a metamorphosis to now be known as climate change experts.

The earth’s geological record is replete with alternating warming and cooling trends. As winter follows summer, you can be sure we are heading toward a new ice age of indeterminate duration.

Scientific journals like Astronomy Now predict diminishing solar activity may bring new Ice Age by 2030. Political propagandists like deny genuine scientists, saying “No, the Earth Is Not Heading for a “Mini Ice Age”“.

We the American taxpayers spend billions of dollars for agencies like NOAA, NASA, and the EPA that are not working for our common good, but to support political aims of leftists who would destroy our democratic republic by nullifying our God-given natural rights that are protected by the Bill of Rights.

November 2016 elections draw nigh. Choose wisely, my friends.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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