Globalization: How can it end wars?

jack ma founder of alibaba dot com
Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group says of globalization, “Trade is something [that] killed the wars…[it is] a communication of cultures and values.”
Jack Ma says, so I presume he actually believes, that global trade ends wars. Let’s test his theory. Shall we?

As young people say, “It’s complicated.”

Looking back to the American revolution, Great Britain was our principle trading partner. How did that prevent two wars with our mother country?

At the outset of World War 1, Germany’s chief trading partners were Netherlands and Great Britain. How did that work out for the parties involved?

Liberal economists, philosophers, and politicians believe unrestricted global trade prevents wars. If true, why is China arming itself ‘to the teeth’ as it threatens the sovereignty of neighboring Asian nations? If true, why are we now threatened militarily by the Chinese government? Can’t we all be friends?

One excellent on-line reference for additional reading is from The Mises Institute: Can Free Trade Really Prevent War?

A one-world government prophesied thousands of years ago now appears to be coming together and doing so very rapidly.

The League of Nations, later renamed the United Nations, was the brainchild of liberal politicians. For most of its existence, the USA has been the chief contributor to the finances of the UN. In fact, UN headquarters resides on US soil, but it has come under the control of rogue nations that oppose all the liberal principles upon which the institution was founded.

Perhaps the leading indicator of the derailment of the UN is membership of the Human Rights Council that includes China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

By no means do I suggest a global trade treaty is a bad thing. Quite the contrary. The issue to understand is not global trade per se but the globalist ‘one-world’ treaties that threaten our national sovereignty. Barack Obama’s TPP surrenders labor and currency controls.

Learn how TPP is bad for America. Breitbart: Full TPP Text Reveals A Very Bad Deal for America.

Chamberlain Declares “Peace for Our Time” – September 30, 1938

Globalization, as structured by liberal politicians, paves the way to that ominous one-world government. Liberals from as far back as Neville Chamberlain, all the way to Barack Obama firmly believe world peace can be realized through unrestricted trade agreements.

Chamberlain returned with a non-aggression pact between Britain and Germany that Hitler signed. That was on September 30, 1938. One year later on September 03, 1939, Great Britain declared war on Germany.

The only way we can assure our borders, preserve our sovereignty and protect American families is through superior military strength. President Ronald Reagan called for “peace through strength”. President Teddy Roosevelt stated it this way: “speak softly, and carry a big stick”.

President Barack Obama has labored throughout his two terms in office to weaken us militarily, monetarily, spiritually, and morally. As president, Donald Trump pledges global trade by applying “not protectionism but accountability”. He pledges to “give American workers a level playing field”. Trump pledges to restore military through revenues gained by fair trade.

Is it not the time to restore greatness to America?

John White
Rockwall, Texas


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