Black voters have much to lose by voting for Trump – I agree

A Dallas Morning News political opinion piece suggests black Americans have much to lose by voting for the Republican presidential candidate. Perhaps it’s appropriate to ask how much black Americans have gained under this sitting Democrat president.

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Let’s do some fact-checking.

  • In 2009, when Obama took office, the black poverty rate was 25.8 percent. As of 2014, according to Pew Research Center, the black poverty rate was 27.2 percent.
  • Minority households’ median income fell 9 percent between 2010 and 2013, compared to a drop of only 1 percent for whites.
  • The median non-white family today has a net worth of just $18,100 — almost a fifth lower than it was when Mr. Obama took office. White median wealth, on the other hand, has inched up by 1 percent to $142,000. In 2009, white households were seven times richer than their black counterparts. That gap is now eightfold.
  • American society has moved from years of successful racial integration to racial re-segregation since Obama took office. Evidence of this societal re-segregation includes massacres of uniformed law enforcement officers, riots and mayhem in the inner cities of Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD, Oakland CA, Los Angeles CA, New York NY, Milwaukee WI and other places.

On January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama, the first black-skinned president took office, each black American citizen bore $35,000 share of the national debt that was just over $10 trillion. Today, September 4, 2016, each black American citizen now bears a burden of over $60,000 of the national debt which is now $19.5 trillion and likely to be over $20,000 before the end of the year.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton share a love of socialism with Bernie Sanders. Before 1959, Cuba had the fourth largest economy in the western hemisphere; 57 years of socialism leave Cubans scrambling to  escape deep poverty. Venezuela, a once prosperous nation with the number one oil reserve in the world has been reduced to extraordinary inflation, hunger, unemployment and government oppression. Brazil is undergoing abysmal economic chaos due to socialism. Why are these nations failing economically? No socialist nation in history has enriched its people because socialism shall forever be an economic theory.

To be sure, the Clintons and Obamas have fared quite well, mysteriously gaining millions of dollars in personal wealth during their respective times in office.

In conclusion, I must agree with Gromer Jeffers Jr. in this respect: Black Americans have a lot to lose under a Trump presidency.

They would lose Democrat pandering. They would lose unemployment benefits because more would be working.

On the other hand, they would gain self-respect, respect for the rule of law, economic opportunity and so much more.

In November, I’ll be voting for Donald Trump because I want to restore personal and religious freedom and preserve America for my grandchildren.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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