Anti-Trump Republicans Form Up the Traditional Republican ‘Circular Firing Squad’

No doubt, Democrats are delighted. Hillary fans swoon as Beltway insiders and Texans we

Bush 41 and Bush 43 will not endorse Donald Trump.png
They say they will not endorse Trump

have elected in the past betray our Republican Party.

This year’s race to the presidency started with a broad array of Republicans, narrowed down to two top contenders and, after the Indiana Primary polls closed, businessman Donald Trump was the presumed party nominee.

They all followed due process, working arduously through fifty states, and at the National GOP Convention, delegates dutifully chose Mr. Trump as our candidate for the Presidency.

Here in Texas, we Republicans voted 2:1 for Senator Ted Cruz. But, Ted wound up first runner-up. Personally, I was down, blue and uncertain the time I would have to invest at the Texas State convention was worth it. But, through Lance Wallnau who is a trainer and consultant whose students span the globe from Business to Foreign Governments I gained assurance Donald Trump is supposed to be our president number 45.

Leading up to the primaries, I thought high-profile Christian leaders had lost their sanity

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

as they openly endorsed Donald Trump. Among them are Lance Wallnau, John Hagee, Robert Jeffress, and Franklin Graham. Even my rabbi, Rabbi Daniel Lapin discerns that Trump is God’s man for the job.


The night the Indiana polls closed, in turmoil over the results that night, I looked through social media for answers. And, there it was. A ‘tweet’ from Lance Wallnau saying, “Remember what I told you?” In December 2015, it was revealed to Lance that Donald Trump was to be the 45th president. He is to be a type of Cyrus, as described in Isaiah 45:1-4. Hear Wallnau in a video posted December 3, 2015.

So far, our Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has not outright said he will not endorse Mr. Trump. Rather he says he is not ready to endorse him.

Ted Cruz good reputation-png
Enter a Cruz: “I’m not ready to endorse Trump”

It’s a grand old tradition for the Grand Old Party to shoot down our own by means of the infamous ‘circular firing squad. But, this time, I see a different result. If God wishes for Donald Trump to be our next president, I think opposing his will very unwise.

I will vote for Donald Trump to be our 45th president and Gov. Pence will be our Vice President.

I will vote early to avoid standing in line on Election Day.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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