Canada elects to feed heroin addicts instead of healing them


Canada approves prescription heroin.png
click on image for WAPO story

Justin Trudeau follows a progressive path in the treatment of heroin addicts. No longer do they have to buy heroin, he gives it to them three times a day for free. Is this an acceptable method to heal heroin addicts from their addiction?

The recidivism, the predictable behavior of heroin addicts clearly proves the addicts cannot break free from their addictions on their own. They need help, not something that will assure an early death.

Is heroin addiction impossible to break? Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.


click on image for Bill Dinker’s story of recovery


Bill Dinker’s compelling testimony of own addiction and recovery should be read by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

We know wife-beaters are addicted to family violence. Is the prescription to correct a wife-beater, give him liberty to beat his wife? No. By no means.

People who cannot control themselves must come under the control of someone else to aid their recovery.

Is recovery from addiction difficult? Yes, seemingly impossible for most. Recovery from life-threatening illness is naturally difficult, but not impossible.

Progressives like Mr. Trudeau undermine the foundations of society.



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