Establishment Republicans Awaken to a Tsunami called ‘We the People’

As the Republican National Convention closed, establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, Colin Powell, and all the Bush clan except George P. Bush, pledged their opposition to Donald Trump.

Just to be clear. Very, very clear: We the People chose Trump to be our Republican nominee for the office of President. Neither George H.W. Bush nor his sons can control the Electoral College.


Here in Texas, 2/3 of us wanted Ted Cruz, but at the end of the national convention process, Donald Trump became our nominee. Period.

Collectively and separately, we the American people are Fed Up!! with establishment politicians, Democrat and Republican. We’re fed up with Republican Senators who promise to repeal ObamaCare but then refuse to do so after elections are over. We’re fed up with growing unemployment, hordes of illegal aliens, outlaw federal law enforcement, skyrocketing health insurance costs, astronomical public debt, disastrous foreign policies, and thousands of new regulations promulgated by unelected bureaucrats.

Donald Trump and Texan Ted Cruz played by the rules. They advanced through the legitimate electoral process and Trump won the most electoral votes.

Finally, establishment politicians begin to see the light, especially after breaking news around the FBI reopening its investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Ours was not founded to be a government by an elite oligarchy. Ours is not a monarchy, as King Obama would have you believe. And, no, our form of government is not a democracy. Live with it, my Democrat partisan friends.

Our form of government is that of a representative republic. Preserving the republic also preserves the principle of significance, about which I recently wrote.

A strategy by some establishment Republicans to run against Hillary’s policies, while simultaneously refusing to stand with us behind Donald Trump is a failed strategy that will produce an enormous backlash.

I voted early this past Monday. Polls are open for early voting Sunday (Oct. 30) through Friday. Election Day is November 8.

Confession: Ted Cruz was not my first choice. My first choice was Governor Rick Perry. But, Donald Trump is my candidate because he was selected by we the Republican people.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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