The Work Begins – Drain the Swamp

We the People won this election and, like  D-Day, between now and January 20, 2017, the enemy will be doing all it can to flood us with unvetted Muslim immigrants, cripple us with a torrent of executive orders and bureaucratic regulations in order to leave an even greater mess for the 45th President.

Where do we sign up to help those ‘celebrities’ pack their bags? I’m talking about those who pledged to leave the USA is we were to elect Donald Trump.

Click on the link below for a complete rundown on actors, singers, comedians, and political figures who pledged to skedaddle upon a Trump victory:

The Hill: Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won

Borrowing from a Roy Clark song titled Thank God and Greyhound You’re Gone, I say to the above ‘celebrities’, I thank God you’ll all be gone!

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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