Sharia Showdown: Now we know why the democrat party fosters anti_Semitism

Muslim to take over as head of democrat party.PNG
click on the image above for the story from The Los Angeles Times

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Bernie Sanders endorse a Muslim as head of the Democrat party. Apparently, suicidal American Jews support this choice also. Go figure.

Ellison falsely charges Israeli government with ‘apartheid’. Either he is ignorant of the facts or he is an intentional liar.

It is the Muslim countries that practice apartheid where Jews and Christians are persecuted for the cause of their faith and nothing more.

In Israel, all citizens enjoy protections under the rule of law. So-called ‘Palestinians’ hold elected positions in the Israeli parliament.

Back in 1980, I and many fellow Democrats saw we were no longer the party of Harry Truman as anti-Israel leftists like Jimmy Carter wrecked the peace in the Middle East. We were called ‘Reagan Democrats’.

Well, ‘Trump Democrats’ joined our ranks in November of this year.

In the early years of the Republican Party, the dividing line between Democrats and Republicans was the issue of slavery. Republicans were against it; Democrats fought for it.

That divide was redefined by the Democrats who have moved that dividing line to atheism, the lawful murder of unborn children, homosexuality, and anti-Semitism.

May God bless America with insight and wisdom and sound public education.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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