Texas Democrat says Texian Patriots were “a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them.”- Really?


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Well, not exactly, Mrs. Castro. Let’s look to the example of Texian Patriot Jose Antonio Navarro.

navarroportraitI have sworn to be a good Texan, and that I will not forswear. I will die for that which I firmly believe, for I know it is just and right. One life is a small price for a cause so great. As I fought, so shall I be willing to die. I will never forsake Texas and her cause. I am her son.” – Jose Antonio Navarro, from Mexican Prison in 1841

Note: After being tried and sentenced to death, Navarro was imprisoned in Mexico. He was given the choice of freedom if he would simply renounce Texas but refused, languishing for several years in prison. Finally, with the help of sympathetic prison officials, Navarro escaped and, by 1845, was a member of the Republic of Texas Congress from Bexar County. – Source: Traces of Texas 

In the election race between corrupt politician Hillary Clinton and successful businessman Donald Trump, news media declared Hillary the winner even before polls opened. The same liberal media falsely prophesied Hispanics would vote overwhelmingly for the former Secretary of State. They didn’t. Instead, they voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Trump.


Democrats assume a person’s genetic heritage determines their worldview. Wrong. Very wrong. Patriotic Americans vote on the basis of principles, regardless skin color.

Leftists that control the Democrat party embrace atheism, the murder of unborn children, special rights for homosexuals and, (ready for this?) true democracy that would destroy our republic and it’s tandem rule of law.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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