Standing Rock Sioux have no standing to sue against Dakota Access Pipeline

Click on image for full story from Indian Country News
Excerpt from the above news story:

Of the 109 cars on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway train, 107 were carrying Bakken crude, the Associated Press reported. Two were buffer cars loaded with sand that rode between the tankers and the engine. It was one of at least two dozen such accidents and fires in the U.S. and Canada since 2006, the AP said, citing federal records it had reviewed. This was the fifth derailment in 2015, AP said. The practice of transporting crude from the Bakken oil fields, whose bitumen is more volatile than normal crude, by train has been growing drastically, as have the number of accidents. The two to three dozen residents of the town of Heimdal, about 115 miles northeast of Bismarck, was evacuated.

The ACLU sent an email appeal to its blind followers to protest police actions against unruly Indians for whom the ACLU  falsely claims, “This indigenous community continues to protect its sacred land and vital access to clean water.

First of all, the Dakota Access Pipeline is mostly complete and all – 100% – of the pipeline route is PRIVATE LAND, not on ‘sacred Indian land’.


UPDATE 2/20/2017: Environmentalists Leave ‘Ecological Disaster’ At Protest Camp – Gov. Declares Disaster – February 17, 2017 By

Protest campers left behind filth, garbage, and pollution that threaten the river



Second, a pipeline provides far superior protection to water supplies than the Berkshire-Hathaway-owned BNSF railroad that presently transports crude oil now. Each rail car holds 30,000 gallons of crude. In the above story, there were 107 tanker cars filled with crude. Do the math: 30,000 X 107 = 3,210,000 gallons of crude per train.

The protest is most likely funded by Warren Buffet. Once the pipeline is complete, his railroad will be D.O.A. Greed is the motivation, not any concern for ‘indigenous people’ or water quality.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

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