Muslim immigration crisis on both sides of the border

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The following text is from my Facebook comment to a Cuban girl whom I love as a daughter. She is a Cuban refugee and was sympathetic to the Muslims seen in the above video.
The formation of the European Union facilitated this crisis. Each of the European nations is unique, one from another. The European Union effectively removed national borders. Borders no longer exist.
What is happening now is a repetition of the history of the spread of Islam on the European continent. The history of the Muslim invasions of Europe is complex.
The history of Muslim imperialism began about 1,400 years ago. The Muslim empire encompassed more countries, a larger geographic area, than the British empire.
You can see this as a simple case of refugees fleeing the violence. Well, yes, the Syrians and others are truly fleeing the violence.
The history of Islam is full of all kinds of violence. Muslims kill more Muslims than any other people. Murder, rape, robbery, mass slaughter, beheadings and beatings are at the foundation of Islam and the administration of these violent acts is prescribed in the Koran.
Yes, the situation of the Syrians is tragic. But are you aware of the plight of the French and European communities that are flooded with Muslim refugees?
Maybe you think those refugees would be grateful to the Europeans for letting them in. Instead of behaving like guests, Muslims strive to take over neighborhoods, cities and governments. Muslim refugees do not leave violence behind; They bring her with them.
I suggest that you do not compare the plight of Cuban refugees with that of Muslim refugees. Cuban refugees make life better for the people of my country. But Muslim refugees make life worse for the native Europeans.

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