Bill Gates compares Donald Trump to JFK

While radical leftist Democrats scheme to steal this election, Bill Gates states the obvious: Trump is going to be good for America.
CNBC Politics: Bill Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK
I confess my unbelief. When prophets foretold the election of Donald Trump as our 45th president, I didn’t believe them. I voted for Ted Cruz in the runoff. That Tuesday evening after the runoff polls closed and the GOP candidate became a settled matter, I was down, a little ‘blue’, disappointed. My prayer to God was this: “God, you’ve got to give me a good reason to attend the state GOP convention.” He answered my prayer in mere minutes when I opened my Twitter account I found a tweet from Lance Wallnau, saying, “Remember what I told you?”
Lance and other Christian leaders supported Mr. Trump back in 2015. Lance even prophesied that Trump would be the next president, based on Isaiah 45:1-6, likening the Republican to Cyrus.
Cyrus, if you don’t know or remember, was the man who conquered Babylon and restored Jewish captives to Jerusalem, along with the utensils for the temple.
Lance’s tweet buoyed me. From that point in time onward, I was at peace.
God is giving America a second chance.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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