The Democrat Criminal Enterprise Mobilizes One Last Caper: Steal the Election

What do we know?

Democrats resorted to widespread voter fraud across America in the 2016 General Elections. Despite their worst efforts, we the people elected a successful businessman, someone inured by decades of international and national business transactions, someone who earned his wealth outside the Washington, D.C. ‘swamp’.

The Electoral College represents both a means to prevent left-coast and right-coast progressives from running roughshod over the rest of the nation and it is potentially a great vulnerability.


The winning presidential candidate had to garner at least 270 electoral votes to win. In the final tally, Donald Trump’s electoral votes were 306 to Hillary’s 232. Hillary conceded, but then the alternate plan was activated to steal the election through misinformation, intimidation and even death threats to electors.

Immediately, radical left-wing news agencies like CNN went to work to discredit the vote. Do remember  how the left-wing polls predicted a landslide for Hillary.

One Texas Elector described to a gathering of Republicans last Saturday how Democrat operatives from California, New York, and New Jersey have contacted him over 500 times john-harper-snail-mail-from-one-day-as-democrats-urge-him-to-be-faithless-as-an-electorvia his three unpublished addresses, home telephone, cell phone, and his private (unpublished) fax line. Nine of the contacts included death threats. Democrats are desperate.

A compliant CIA started a false rumor that Russia was behind the hacking of Democrat emails that were published by WikiLeaks. It’s important to keep in mind the fact that those Democrats that were exposed don’t deny the facts. Instead, through a well-funded propaganda campaign, the radical left, unable to discredit the vote through recounts, resorts to persuading Electors to change their votes. The apparent strategy: convince 38 electors to change their votes from Trump to Clinton.

Undermining the integrity of the Electoral College was, by all appearances, part of team Hillary’s alternative strategy from the beginning. Two faithless Texas electors, Arthur “Art” Sisneros and Stephen “Chris” Suprun Jr. declared they would not vote for Donald Trump.

All Texas electors knew beforehand that Donald Trump would become our state’s candidate. Each signed an affidavit to vote according to the will of the people of the state of Texas. Mr. Sisneros did the honorable thing by resigning his position, but Mr. Suprun, a Dallas resident associated with a PR firm, declared his intention to violate his affidavit and the public trust. Suprun could have announced his position in liberal Texas news agencies like either the Dallas Morning News or the Rockwall Herald Banner. Both news agencies endorsed Hillary Clinton.Instead, he published his intention in an op-ed in the New York Times.

Is this a serious matter? Should we Texans be concerned? If Hillary’s criminal enterprise can convert 38 electors, she will win the election, effectively sealing the fate of America. Forever.

One friend suggests I fearmonger. He believes God has it all worked out and we People of the Book don’t have to do anything. His idea runs contrary to the history of divine intervention. “If my people…” – “Be sober, be vigilant…” – “And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. 

My purpose for this warning is to encourage believers to pray for our nation, intercede for the will of God to be done. Until the next inauguration day, we remain at risk of a stolen election. Pray as though your future depends on supernatural intervention.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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