Crisis in Chicago – Legitimized Noncompliance with the Law

click on image above for 60 Minutes report: Crisis in Chicago


On one side, the thin blue line; on the other, a breakdown of good order. The bottom line: a total breakdown of the rule of law under the hand of clueless Democrat leadership.

In the above 60 Minutes report, former Chicago Police Commissioner Gary McCarthy says,

Gary McCarthy

Noncompliance with the law has been legitimized.”

What you will discern from the 60 Minutes story is the breakdown in the rule of law began with unconstitutional searches of black residents of Chicago. In turn, the black residents of Chicago lost respect for authority – my opinion.

Mistreatment of citizens is readily apparent by the enormous cash settlements by the City of Chicago to affected individuals and their families: a half-billion dollars.

At this point, I inject my personal experience with Chicago policemen, this from over 30 years ago when I worked trade shows at the McCormick Place Convention Center. Chicago cops then were publicly profane, cursing cab drivers and, by extension, we the passengers. Perhaps the soul of Chicago policing goes back to a time when Irish immigrants, Paddies, were hired to maintain order on the streets. Graft and patronage were common among those Paddies. Bear in mind Chicago is the home of Al Capone and Elliot Ness and his ‘untouchables’. Crime waves are not news; they are woven into the fabric of Chicago’s history john-locke-the-second-treatise-of-civil-government.

Violence and lawlessness are not new phenomenon in the Windy City, but characteristic of the city for over a century.

Now, it’s time for change. It’s time to establish a respect for authority. Government cannot and should not govern without consent of the governed. [Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government, Chapter 11 john-locke-the-second-treatise-of-civil-government]

By callously violating the rule of law and by disregarding the rights of the governed, Chicago police and the Mayor have forfeited the right to govern. As former Police Commissioner Gary McCarthy said, “Chicago’s rulers have “legitimized noncompliance with the law”.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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