Cuba: Island kingdom of slaves

Welcome to the real Cuba

obama final gift to Castro.png
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For decades, the Castro brothers have sent thousands of doctors to serve in remote areas of Venezuela, Brazil, and other countries, in exchange for hard currency. Those governments pay the slave traders in Havana directly and the Cuban dictatorship pay the slave doctors only a small portion of what they get and pocket the rest.

Thousands of slave Cuban doctors have fled the countries where they were sent and come to the US. They will not be able to do that anymore after Obama’s decision yesterday.

It is ironic that the US first Afro-American president is helping  Cuba’s slave traders to continue their shameful exploitation of Cuban professionals. The Real Cuba

Obama, so enamored of the communist tyrants ruling a society of slaves, he ignores their ridicule of him.

Cuban money is fiat currency modeled on the old USSR monetary system. Visitors can only spend convertible pesos (CUC) which are assigned a par value of $1 USD, while the peso used internally by real Cubans has about 1/25th the value of a CUC.

Cuba’s capital is human capital, slaves exchanged with other countries for money and/or commodities. Cuban ‘social workers’ serve as government administrators in Venezuela along with Cuban medical personnel. Venezuela, at least up to a point, has been the grand benefactor of the Castro regime through petroleum, money, and technology.

The Venezuelan economy is dying by the day and can no longer sustain the Castro slave machine. What to do? Barack Obama goes to the rescue!

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Barack Obama, ever the fan of tyrants and communists, gifted the Castrista regime first by his revocation of travel restrictions between Cuba and the US. A second gift, given this week, was revocation of the wet-foot/dry-foot immigration policy.

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Will President Donald Trump right the wrongs done by the communist government of Cuba to its own people? I pray he will.

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