Democrats and Anarchists continue to assail our duly elected President

judge rules for muslims democrats and anarchists.PNG

Leftist extremists, anarchists, and democrats rally against the president we elected to protect our people from Muslim terrorists entering as unvetted immigrants.
Forgive me. I realize that saying democrats and anarchists in the same sentence is unnecessary repetition.
President Trump acted within his Constitutional authority, but the Obama-appointed federal judge did not.
Let’s encourage President Trump to ignore that judges unconstitutional infringement on the president’s jurisdiction.
Tweet to @POTUS
Email the White House
Pertinent Law
(3) Security and related grounds
(A) In general
Any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in—
(i) any activity (I) to violate any law of the United States relating to espionage or sabotage or (II) to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the United States of goods, technology, or sensitive information,
(ii) any other unlawful activity, or
(iii) any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means, is inadmissible.
Ill-informed Jews fear Trump is against Jews, as was Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and others at the outset of WW2. To my Jewish friends, I say “chill out”. President Trump replaced an anti-Jew president. Or, is it possible because of your tendency to vote Democrat you were blind to Obama’s anti-semitic actions?

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