Farewell Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard says today (1/30/17) we need better leadership from Pres. Trump, citing what it calls the “immigration fiasco”.

Well, I know that sound bite stirs the uninformed, but it was just a little too much misinformation for me to tolerate today. I immediately unsubscribed from the Weekly Standard.

We already have the misleading propaganda paid for by George Soros and promoted by leftist Democrats. The leftists and anarchists don’t need the help of misinformed Weekly Standard reporters to further undermine the authority of President Trump, the man We the People elected.

What fiasco?

President Obama officially identified seven Muslim nations from which Muslim terrorists present a threat to our national security. President Trump’s Executive Order specifically calls for extreme vetting of immigrants and travelers from those countries.

As candidate Trump promised on the campaign trail, he stopped the free flow immigration flooding in from those seven countries, pending “extreme vetting” to weed out potential terrorists, thereby protecting the American people.

Well, I must agree there truly is a fiasco underway, but not one of the president’s doing. The fiasco is one of anti-Trump news media, Democrats, and limp-wristed, gutless Republican lawmakers who can’t imagine doing anything that would make their Democrat counterparts unhappy, no siree.

Our president pledged to vet Muslim immigrants, so we voted for him as a point of agreement.

Our president pledged to repeal ObamaCare, so we voted for him as a point of agreement.

Barack Obama singlehandedly undermined the Democrat party and now limp-wristed, gutless Republican lawmakers are undermining the Republican party, bolstered by pseudo-conservative news services.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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