Democrat Senators Choose the Nuclear Option

Without so much as a usual and customary hearing, without even knowing in advance whom President Trump will nominate to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Senate Democrats publicly declared in advance they will oppose any and all Trump appointments.

What will the Republican majority do?

Fortunately, it is Sen. Mitch McConnell who has “the briefcase” and not Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The nuclear or constitutional option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes. – Wikipedia

Democrats have essentially said they will be obstructionist throughout the confirmation process for President Trump’s appointees. Consider excerpts from a Fox News Sunday program on January 22, 2017, when Chris Wallace interviewed Senator Mitch McConnell.

WALLACE: Finally, President Trump says he wants to name a Supreme Court nominee. He’s talked about doing it within two weeks. And Senator Schumer has said that they’re going to block anyone that they don’t like, that they feel is outside the mainstream.

As Senate rules now stand, because the — the nuclear option was — was extended, it — on a partial level in 2013 by the Democrats, you can confirm lower court judges with just 51 votes.

MCCONNELL: Well, let me just say, I’m confident we’ll get a Supreme Court nominees confirmed. I expect an outstanding nominee sometime soon. I think it’s noteworthy to look at how the Republican minority handled Bill Clinton the first — in his first administration. Both — both of his first two nominees, Ginsburg and Breyer, no filibuster. Obama, in his first term, to go, no filibuster. We think our nominee ought to be treated the same way. If he is not treated that way, then, under the current Senate rule, we would have to get cloture. That is, we’d have to get 60 votes. We had to do that when the Democrats objecting to Justice Alito 10 years ago, but cloture was invoked. Sorry for the long answer. I think the short answer is, the nominee will be confirmed.

WALLACE:  But would you consider extending the nuclear option and saying, even for Supreme Court justices, just a simple majority?

MCCONNELL: The nominee will be confirmed.

WALLACE:  One thing I’ve learned with you, Senator McConnell, is once you’ve given an answer, you’re going to stick with that.

View a video of the Mitch McConnell interview on Fox News Sunday.

Let’s encourage our Republican senate majority to use the Nuclear Option, in light of the public position stated by the Democrat minority.

Sen. John Cornyn –

Sen. Ted Cruz –

Majority Leader Sen. Mitch Mcconnell –

Let’s help our duly elected President Donald Trump drain the swamp and get on with his promises to us, the American people who elected him.

May God bless America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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