ACLU demand for ‘equal rights’ is code for ‘special rights’

Email appeal by the ACLU this week falsely claims “Texas lawmakers have already aclu-lgbtq-special-rights-demandproposed several bills that threaten LGBT equality”. The ACLU calls for homosexuals to rally in Austin on March 20 for the purpose of intimidating Texas lawmakers.

What are the bills before the Texas Legislature?

Our lawmakers have crafted bills to protect vulnerable women and children from perverts. It’s not rocket science.

The homosexual activists demand full access to locker rooms, showers, restrooms, and dressing rooms of women and children. They call this “equal rights” when in fact it’s an attempt to undermine the protections due to all citizens from predators.

Liberal media like the Hillary Clinton-supporting news media style the bill as a “bathroom bill”. The official title is Senate Bill 6, the Texas Privacy Act, introduced by Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R – Brenham).

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick summarized the bill’s purpose on January 5, 2017. Read the full text of his summary here.

SB 6 also ensures that businesses have the freedom to determine their own bathroom policies and that no public school can institute a bathroom policy that allows boys to go in girls restrooms, showers and locker rooms and girls to go in boys restrooms, showers and locker rooms.

This issue is not about discrimination — it’s about public safety, protecting businesses and common sense. I congratulate Sen. Kolkhorst for filing SB 6 and for her commitment to protecting the privacy of Texans and keeping them safe.

I urge you to write or call your state Representative and your state Senator. Tell them to stand fast against the political correctness the homosexual mob would impress on them.

Encourage them to stand for public safety and free enterprise and to not cave to the rants of the ACLU and the homosexual mob.

For Rockwall residents, Legislature contact information:

HD-33 Representative Justin Holland

SD-2 Senator Bob Hall

House Speaker Joe Straus 

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick


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