Vindicated: Justice Department Proves Political Bias of Federal Judges against POTUS


click on the image above for full story from the Washington Examiner

From the beginning when a federal judge in Washington State ruled against President Trump’s TEMPORARY ban on immigration from seven Muslim nations, I have encouraged the President to IGNORE the judge and later the appellate judge Robart. Both federal judges overstepped their constitutional authority. They had neither standing nor constitutional authority to interfere with the legal and official duties of a sitting president.


Finally, after an eight-year constitutional ‘drought’, we have leadership in the Justice Department arguing on the right side of the law.

Excerpt from Washington Examiner story headlined above:

“Your Honor, I think the point is that because this is a question of foreign affairs because this is an area where Congress has delegated authority to the president to make these determinations, it’s the president that gets to make the determinations,” Bennett said. “And the court doesn’t have authority to look behind those determinations.

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