NASA Celebrates Black Engineer of the Year – Only Black Lives Matter?

Although I grew up with NASA and the space program. Not once do I recall NASA ever NASA diversity black engineer.pngcelebrating White Engineer of the Year. Come to think of it, neither can I recall NASA celebrating Yellow Engineer of the Year. There are indeed a great number of brilliant Indian Indians that work at NASA.

In elementary school, we learned about George Washington Carver because of his myriad uses for the humble peanut that dramatically affected the southern economy. Dr. Carver was special because of his accomplishments, not because of his skin color.

The leftist progressive word ‘diversity’ is code for societal segregation. White lives don’t matter; only Black Lives Matter. Right?

One of my counterparts at the Norden Company served our NASA customer back in the early 1970s. He worked with a broad spectrum of skin colors and national origins who were employed at Cape Canaveral, but I don’t remember even once remarks from Ben Houston about the skin color of NASA engineers, mathematicians, and technicians. Not once.

Likewise, Ben never once heard remarks from me about the skin color of Norden Company engineers, mathematicians, and technicians. Not once.

Perhaps leftist progressives dismiss Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wisdom because he was a mlk-content-of-characterRepublican. Well, that would be consistent with the Democratic Party’s history. The Ku Kluz Klan notoriously targeted and murdered Republicans, about 1/3 of them white, 2/3 black, and the Klan was 100% Democrat.

It appears the spirit of the Klan comes to life once more through the efforts of the leftist progressives employed in federal agencies.

Just as the Black Lives Matter movement renews segregation, so does any emphasis on skin color as though skin color could possibly determine the content of a person’s character or their I.Q.

When our Palacios ISD integrated in 1964, there were no race wars. Integration made PISD a better school system and it opened the eyes of my fellow classmates, brown and white, to the reality that black-skinned students were totally capable of meeting and exceeding the performance of their fellow students.

Recently, Rockwall ISD set aside a day for the 2017 Multi-Cultural Celebration. Sounds good. Right? If you think this is a good idea, you will love living in California where that state has been encouraging segregated societies for many years.

In the New Testament, Acts chapter 2, Jews and Jewish proselytes from all over the known world assembled in Jerusalem to commemorate Shavuot (called Pentecost by Hellenistic Jews). Thousands were assembled and they spoke many languages. But, after the Holy Spirit came upon the crowd, they understood this miracle as though they all spoke with one language.

We’ve had several years of the undoing of the plantation mentality through societal integration. Are we now to entertain resegregation?

I say no.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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