Why aren’t Americans rushing to Cuba?

americans are not going to Cuba.PNG
Before and After Castro

Cuba’s capital, Havana, was a glittering and dynamic city. In the early part of the century the country’s economy, fueled by the sale of sugar to the United States, had grown dynamically. Cuba ranked fifth in the hemisphere in per capita income, third in life expectancy, second in per capita ownership of automobiles and telephones, first in the number of television sets per inhabitant. The literacy rate, 76%, was the fourth highest in Latin America. Cuba ranked 11th in the world in the number of doctors per capita. Many private clinics and hospitals provided services for the poor. Cuba’s income distribution compared favorably with that of other Latin American societies. A thriving middle class held the promise of prosperity and social mobility. – PBS American Experience: Pre-Castro Cuba

Said Fidel Castro after his failed assault on the Moncada Barracks, “Not Communism or Marxism is our idea. Our political philosophy is representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.”

I was visiting myy dear Cuban friend Eladio in the Spring of 2009. He asked,  “Juan, que pasa en los estados unidos?” (John, what’s  happening in the United States?)eladio-alone

My immediate response, “Oh, Eladio, hay una Obamanacion en la Casa Blanca.” (Oh, Eladio, there is an Obamanation in the White House.)

Eladio laughed heartily before soberly telling me how he saw parallels between our Obama and Cuba’s Castro. He proceeded to relate how he and several other wealthy businessmen financially supported Fidel Castro to rid Cuba of the corrupt and inept Batista government. “Nunca nos dijo que es comunista.” (He never told us he is a communist.)

Eladio pointed to me and said, “John, you have to warn your people.”

Back to headline above

As American tourists raced to enjoy the tropical beaches and resorts, the money poured into communist coffers.

Let’s be reminded Cuba is a Marxist-socialist country that controls every aspect of day to day life, including prices on all products and services. So it is the communist government exercised dramatic price increases on lodging and everything else. According to the Bloomberg story:

“Some rooms now cost as much as $650 per night, serving as a major deterrent to Americans hunting for novel warm-weather destinations.

Even the costs of classic car rides and dinners at popular paladares, private restaurants run by families, have in some cases tripled, Insight Cuba says. Prices have begun to moderate this year for the first time since 2014, the company said this week. But beyond the high prices lie additional difficulties for U.S. tourists.”

Central control of economies – price fixing – has proven to be a failure everywhere the socialists have control of prices.

My warning: the U.S. dollars spent in Cuba mostly go to fund the Marxist-socialist-communist government. Before you think to race over the Florida Straits in search of a cheap vacation in Cuba, you may want to reconsider and look to Mexico, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, or Alabama for your beach get away. You can thank me afterward.

Why would Americans want to go to Cuba while Cubans are dying to come here?

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